Monday, September 16, 2013

9/16 CHANGES!!

So everybody.. I got changes! 
   I am going to head down to Coban to work in the office! I'm going to be a "Pouch Elder" which are the Elders in charge of the mail system and ordering stuff from the distribution center and basically any physical incoming-outgoing relations with the Elders and the outside world (I don't have charge over their emails or phones in other words.. just letters and packages). I might have other duties but I don't know yet cause at this moment I'm still in Sayaxche, Peten
   They gave us the changes Saturday night which was a huge help because Sunday I was able to visit my baptisms once more and get pictures with them and their families and let people know about the change. I don't know maybe being able to tell everyone is a bad thing but I appreciated knowing ahead of time.. the changes came in the perfect time and just made me so excited! negative affect I was so excited I literally couldn't fall asleep till 12:30am.
   God Blesses!!! Oh my WORD! He is a loving God and knows my wants and needs and I realize that he has yet to hold back ANYTHING from me! He gives me EXACTLY what I want and I'm so extremely grateful for Him!
   I was pretty set that I was going to the Polochic this change and I was excited for it.. I knew If I went to the Polochic I'd basically be there till the end of my mission but I was willing to make that sacrifice and was happy to do so. The ONLY thing that was hard for me to leave behind was that I wanted to try my had at the office.. but like I said I was ready to go where God wanted me. I got the call and at first they just said Coban.. I was kind of confused but asked what area I was going to be in.. "Area 2" what?! Area 2? what does that mean? "You're in the office as a pouch Elder" WHAT?! I was so happy to hear that! I thought going to Polochic was the coolest sounding idea but God knows my wants and knew I wanted this more.. and really I do! I am so excited to head to the office.
   Note 2 on God's blessings. In the office these are only a FEW of the wonderful blessings I'll receive: I'll be with President and get to know him on a personal level, My companion is from my CCM group and also is the mas pilas of the whole group (Me included). he's a Latino from Honduras (I think) who knows English WELL and studied at BYU Hawaii, He's one of the kindest and chillest Latinos I've EVER met! in all  he's someone from my group, knows English, and is better than me! (I know that's like way hard right?!), I'm going to be in the one place in the whole mission that is going to celebrate thanksgiving with an actual thanksgiving feast! Also I'll be there for Christmas and my birthday, In the office I'll eat like a king and will use a lot less money than the elders outside of the office.. which means I'll finally get my emergency fund completed, I'll also be the FIRST person to receive letters so I'm not going to have to wait 2 month for my letters now only like 2 weeks tops.. and I'll be in a place where I can literally mail my responses that day after I write them! BETTER COMMUNICATION! Oh my goodness I can't even BEGIN to tell you how much God has blessed me where I'm at now and is continuing to bless me where I'm going! 
   I hope that I can improve the office while I'm there and that I'll be the Elder that the other elders LOVE calling and not the elder that they feel is lazy. I'm hoping to make GREAT friends these next 6-7 months and become a better missionary!
   No time for pictures this week but know I love you!
Yours fortunately,
          ---Elder Hyrum Clark

Friday, September 13, 2013

9/13 Yaxha! WHA?!

   In yaxha there are a lot more pyramids, they're more awesome, and it's a ton cheaper. like $10 and you can climb on the pyramids! There is also a beautiful lake and amazing little buildings that I'm not sure what they were used for cause the rooms
seem too small to live in.

Monday, September 2, 2013

9/2/2013 Exciting times!




 Well things are exciting as normal here! We got our next months allowance and I told my comp how I keep track of my money and just like that he said "Voy a hacer el mizmo con mi dinero!" (I'll do the same with my money!) wow lets just say up until that point I was afraid he'd take offence to me trying to teach him how to spend his money. Honestly I think his other comps just didn't care enough to even THINK of helping him! He's Great!
  We had our zone conference last week and I finally got to meet President Curtiss and he's great! I talked with him and his wife and when I mentioned that I wanted to learn Russon and that I like learning languages he just straight out told me "Well we'll have to get you started on Q'eqchi!" all I'm going to say is if I end up in the Polochic this next change I won't be surprised but I will be excited and very nervous to go through that whole "I'm the only one who doesn't understand anything" phase again. BUT I'll be fulfilling my mission dream! surprisingly a lot of the missionaries I've talked to don't like the polochic.. like they just think that would be the worst place to be sent! They think the language is useless and pointless to learn but I'm way excited and I can't wait till the Lord decides I'm ready to bless the wonderful people of polochic with my amazing inexperienced self!
 My Zone with Pres. and Sis Curtiss
   I had a great day today and for the first time got to explore a little of the Guatemalan Jungle! no like literally it was a pathway that started up and ended at a wall of trees and said "Entrada" (Entrance) so we explored it for a while and I walked into MANY a spider web and enjoyed the out back of Guatemala.. well the part I'm in.
We also visited a place that is popular for the fact that you can swim with crocodiles! like literally it's a pond that has a few crocodiles and people walk out on a dock and jump in the water to swim in a pond with crocodiles. We didn't swim with the crocodiles because sadly it's against the rules and we also didn't get to see any crocodiles either.. but don't worry the first chance I get I'll send you a picture of me riding on the back of a cocodrilo ;)
But here's a picture of us out in the middle of the pond on a really rickety dock! (My district!)
   It was also my Comp's Birthday! He turned 20! Well todavia tiene hasta Septiembre 7 but we decided to celebrate today!
 Hay un comida aqui llamado Tortrix oasis que es mas o menos Frito Bandito pero con mas queso y mas fritos.. pues no tenemos fritos aqui estan llamados Tortrix. ES RICO! voy a cocinar quando regreso.
Well I gotta go! Love you all!
Yours fortunately,
          ---Elder Hyrum Clark