Wednesday, May 22, 2013

5/21 Siete diaz mas!!!

This is my last week here in the CCM and I'm so excited to get out there with the other missionaries and find out how easy all of this hard work I've been doing really was. I continue to grow so much and I'll tell you there is nothing I've ever done to help me grow as much as this has. I can hold most of a conversation in spanish and I can understand about 80% of what I read (Depending on the reading) so I feel I'm not doing horrible. I love the language and I am continually impressed by how much I actually know in the language.
   I Memorized the baptimal question and the first vision in espaƱol and I'm working on DyC 4 now. I've gotten to the point where I struggle almost as much with english now as I do with speaking spanish as you might be able to tell with my spelling getting worse and my sentances not making as much sense.'
   This week has been full of fun and adventure.. not so much that it's distracting me from studies but for instance the other day our whole lunch group (Almost all the elders and a few Hermanas) tried this spicy sauce.. (I found out later it's called Devil's Blood and I think its one of the spiciest sauces) needless to say I saw faces turn very red and people instantly burst into tears. I guess all those years of loving hot sauce paid off though cause I was one of 2 people that didn't shed a single tear! It tastes horrible but it's definitely the spiciest thing I've tasted. (I found it doesn't burn as much if you hold the sauce in you mouth and let it dilute with saliva before you swallow and burn out your throat and stomach.. it also helps make it not so spicy... after.)
   I'm groing awesome with my companion and I'll let you know my favorite thing about him is that when he notices anyone not finish their potatoes he'll tell them "Hey Elder Clark want's your potatoes" (Which of course I always do) and gets them for me! Way cool and definitly HIGH on the scoring points list!
   I've gone through one or 4 trials this last week but I'll just say that they don't last vewry long.. I've almost got this whole going to the Lord thing down pat and usually I'm up and chrreful in an hour or two.. needless to say theres nothing I can't do anymore.. except eat hamburgers.
   So I've been hering a few things from back home.. but basically those few things add up to not much so a letter here and there might be nice.. I've only recieved two in the past 5 weeks as compared to my other district members getting like 5 a week. I thought with all my friends I'd at least have 3 by now (Shameless asking for letters). Come on.. it's not that hard and I PROMISE you if you don't write me I'll never write you back! (cause I don't have any of your addresses). Entonces Hermanos y Hermanas.. Nesecite escribir una carta para me! it's as simple as that!
   I've learned more about my mission by speaking with the latinos.. all I can say is I hope when my mission splits next month that I'm in the Coban mission.. I WANT to learn Q'equchi! Plus they say that's where all the action happens and more of that machete weilding action. Don't worry I'll be carefull.. not that I'll probably get one (If I do trust me you'll know... that'll be big news in my life!)
   I'm realizing more everyday how much I miss the little things.. and how much I can figure out how to get along without them. I mean just last night I fixed my sandles with a bottle cap! it's ghetto and it's awesome!
I miss you all but not as much as you hope I would. I think about lot's of you but not in a way that makes me wish I was home.. I wouldn't give up this mission for the world! I love it so freaking much!
 Keep up the good luck and don't be afraid to pray for the Lord to bless me with more of the language.. I'd love to learn it even faster! Thanks Grandma Clark for the gift! I love you!
Yours fortunately,
          ---Elder Hyrum Clark

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

5/14 Semana...I have no Idea anymore! (Cuatro)

  I'm definitely lost in the work.. it's hard to remember the days and weeks and I'm just so confused when it comes to time.. It honestly flies by really fast.. I've been out here a month?! wha-..
   Anyways.. I've heard a lot that there's always something you can find to improve everyday.. "something small that you can work on that day.." My problem is that I find like 5-6 things and I have no spare time to work on them. But I'm loving it and I AM growing tons! Still getting more and more from the spirit and things with my companion are better than I could have dreamed 3 weeks ago! Yesterday (Domingo) was the best day ever and I learned a ton about Christ  his death and Pilate's part in it..
   As a child I always saw Pilate as a kind of terrible guy who put Christ to death and while I was watching "To this end was I born" I felt the spirit and I felt like Pilate was trying to save Christ . I decided I'd look into it and according to the accounts in Matt, Mark and Luke Pilate doesn't really do much.. just offers the choice and that was it. I read the account in John and it was simply beautiful.. I learned SO much from Pilate and what he tried to do for Jesus! Pilate KNEW Christ was innocent and he tried 3 times to release Jesus saying he found no fault in Jesus.. He had Jesus whipped and humiliated in hopes that the Jews would accept that and let him live! (It's weird to think he had Christ beaten to try and save him) and was going to let him go when they threatened to have him killed for being a traitor to Caesar if he didn't obey. He finally when he could do no more released the savior to the hands of the Jews and said "I have done all I can and his blood is free from my hands". I LOVED that in the gospel of John it mentions that Pilate was the one who had "Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews" put above Christ and refused to take it down when the Jews complained. I realize that means probably nothing to most of you guys but it really hit me hard and I felt an incredible love for Pilate and for My Savior knowing if I was in that place I'd have tried my hardest too!
   I heard about Steven and Isaiah ! I'm WAY super excited for them! I can't wait to be there when you get home! We're basically going to party! I pray for you two and many other youth in the ward and hope you all know I love you each!
   Aaron Howard! If you read this I met a Latino here who is a teacher at the CCM and was in your mission while you were there.. He basically said you were a boss at Q'eqchi and everyone used your notes at zone conferences as guidelines for how to learn the language.. You need to write me so I can talk more to you about all this! My address has been posted to my Facebook already in one of my previous posts.
   I FINALLY got letters.. One from Kymee Evans and one from my beloved Auntie Lori!! (isn't she a cousin???) I'm going to write you back actual letters this time because you sent me one! It's a reward! also Rachel Cole I have a PERFECT name for your fish but you have to wait till you get my letter! I'm in love with it and I learned the word the morning of the day I got the letter!
   Some awesome things? I'm at this awkward spot in learning the language that I can understand what people say without translating it into English . Pero.. I don't know what to say in Spanish so I have to stop.. translate it to English . come up with a reply.. translate that to Spanish . and then try to actually say it.. so it stinks. but I hear it's a good sign that I'm learning so YAY!
   We took another photo but they forgot to email it to me so I don't have it.. I'll see if I can get another elder to forward it to me so you MIGHT get to see it this week if not maybe next week.. or never.
   I'm learning tons about my mission and have run into some missionaries from my mission at the temple so I MIGHT be able to go more often than I originally thought! Yay! My mission sounds SO legit and I cannot WAIT to get out there! I hope they start me out in the city the first transfer but then I hope I go into the mountains which I hear is WAY crazier than the jungles with way awesome Mayans and such! I'm going to be a freaking jungle man when I get back! When I get home It'll be like in Jumanji when he comes out of the game with a beard and just yells "What year is it!!!!" ha ha I'm so stoked!
   I don't really have much to say this week.. I've been so busy I haven't thought much about writing till just now so this will be kinda short but just know I pray for you all and can't wait to make you all proud!! 
   Love you all!
Yours fortunately,
          ---Elder Hyrum Clark

Thursday, May 9, 2013

5/8 El fin de semena tres

Wow! Things are really moving fast! I feel like I'm learning incredible amounts of information and revelation! I haven't been on such a spiritual High in... well I never have.
   Last week was hard and good. I was struggling with my comp and my district and wondering how I could help them improve.. I was wondering what they could change and I was praying for them at night.. It was wearing down on me and I felt really out of place and alone in the midst of 11 other people and it was wearing me down emotionally. Sunday I watched a devotional from the Provo MTC by Elder Bednar and I learned a lot.. not from what he was saying but through using what he was teaching to receive my own revelation. it's really cool that you can listen to someone teach and receive an answer to a question that has nothing to do with what they're teaching... that's the spirit for you! the Lord works in mysterious ways! anyways I realised that it wasn't about what my companion need to change.. it wasn't about how my district could be better.. the whole time I thought unless my comp and district was perfect I was imperfect and disobedient but I realised that I just had to do my best and it didn't really matter if my comp was obedient (well it does but..) It matters most that I love him and try to help him and do MY best and the Lord will help me, him, EVERYONE in his own way.. after realizing that it made things easier.. I told my comp how I was feeling and we have been doing great ever since.. I haven't once felt angry or annoyed with him and I love him to death! I'd even hug him if all the elders here weren't so weirded out by it.
   Speaking of which no one here hugs! They're like all paranoid and get awkward when you put your arm around them or show ANY sign of affection. I'm not used to that. I've had 4 hugs since I got here.. maybe.
   Food is still good and it's soo much better on Fast Sundays when you're starving and dinner is a small plate of salad with beans and a roll.. really filling. Not. :P But luckily no one else likes beans so I got 4 bowls of beans and I'm LOVING them! They taste WAY better here then in America!
   I don't know what to tell you about mostly.. my week was basically struggling and then a bunch of awesome spiritual experiences.. so I guess I'll give out some advice.
   Especially to Steven and Isaiah who are going to be going on missions soon:
1) The CCM (MTC) is going to be hard. You aren't going to get as much sleep as you want (Promise!) and you're going to struggle.. it's inevitable. DO NOT base your whole mission, your stay at the CCM, or even your progress on the first week. it will get better I promise! 
2) If you're struggling there is ALWAYS one way to fix your problem (this will NEVER fail): Be more obedient. I've seen the missionaries who struggle.. I've been one. The missionaries who want to leave and go home are the ones who AREN'T TRYING THEIR HARDEST! Struggling is a part of growing and if you ignore the struggling or try and go around it you WILL NOT GROW! deal with it and find out what it is you need to do better!
3) Pray more. I don't care what you need help with just pray more.. whether its the language, the food, being more obedient, trying to fly, growing an extra toe.. If you pray more eventually you'll either succeed or you'll learn that what your praying for is the wrong thing for you at that time in your life (sorry that means you'll probably never get an extra toe)
4)Love others. The ONE thing I miss most about home is my ward.. the home ward AND the YSA ward.. everyone was ALWAYS kind whether they liked that person particularly or not. Here I am dealing with people who didn't have that kind of background. They talk behind each other's backs and judge based on unimportant things! learn now to be kind to everyone and even if you don't like someone DO NOT let others be mean to ANYONE! Stand up for those who are being picked on.. be their friends. The people I feel most loved by are those who I show the most love too and usually they're the ones the others pick on. I can tell you now that those elders will not feel that much love as long as they continue to put others down.
5) Eat everything you can.. its gross but eat it. (I'll admit I have the hardest time eating chicken here... I don't like tendons and veins and cartilage.)
6) When you pray for answers don't just pray and continue with your day.. try and wait, ponder and listen for answers.. somehow you WILL learn how to receive revelation.
7) Don't beat yourself up. Ever. yeah you need to grow and trust me if you try and grow you will. Don't beat your self up about anything.. be more constructive with your feedback.
8) Enjoy it. People around you will talk about how bad it is at the CCM (MTC). Just ignore them and think of all the AWESOME stuff you're learning and how much you're growing! When I got here I felt like a teenage boy who was surrounded by missionaries. NOW I can honestly tell you that I AM a missionary! I am an Elder of the Church and I feel it! I feel my authority and I feel my power to help!
You will accomplish much! and there are many other things you can learn from the CCM.. If you have tips for me please tell me!
I Love you all!!!!
Yours fortunately,
          ---Elder Hyrum Clark