Tuesday, May 14, 2013

5/14 Semana...I have no Idea anymore! (Cuatro)

  I'm definitely lost in the work.. it's hard to remember the days and weeks and I'm just so confused when it comes to time.. It honestly flies by really fast.. I've been out here a month?! wha-..
   Anyways.. I've heard a lot that there's always something you can find to improve everyday.. "something small that you can work on that day.." My problem is that I find like 5-6 things and I have no spare time to work on them. But I'm loving it and I AM growing tons! Still getting more and more from the spirit and things with my companion are better than I could have dreamed 3 weeks ago! Yesterday (Domingo) was the best day ever and I learned a ton about Christ  his death and Pilate's part in it..
   As a child I always saw Pilate as a kind of terrible guy who put Christ to death and while I was watching "To this end was I born" I felt the spirit and I felt like Pilate was trying to save Christ . I decided I'd look into it and according to the accounts in Matt, Mark and Luke Pilate doesn't really do much.. just offers the choice and that was it. I read the account in John and it was simply beautiful.. I learned SO much from Pilate and what he tried to do for Jesus! Pilate KNEW Christ was innocent and he tried 3 times to release Jesus saying he found no fault in Jesus.. He had Jesus whipped and humiliated in hopes that the Jews would accept that and let him live! (It's weird to think he had Christ beaten to try and save him) and was going to let him go when they threatened to have him killed for being a traitor to Caesar if he didn't obey. He finally when he could do no more released the savior to the hands of the Jews and said "I have done all I can and his blood is free from my hands". I LOVED that in the gospel of John it mentions that Pilate was the one who had "Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews" put above Christ and refused to take it down when the Jews complained. I realize that means probably nothing to most of you guys but it really hit me hard and I felt an incredible love for Pilate and for My Savior knowing if I was in that place I'd have tried my hardest too!
   I heard about Steven and Isaiah ! I'm WAY super excited for them! I can't wait to be there when you get home! We're basically going to party! I pray for you two and many other youth in the ward and hope you all know I love you each!
   Aaron Howard! If you read this I met a Latino here who is a teacher at the CCM and was in your mission while you were there.. He basically said you were a boss at Q'eqchi and everyone used your notes at zone conferences as guidelines for how to learn the language.. You need to write me so I can talk more to you about all this! My address has been posted to my Facebook already in one of my previous posts.
   I FINALLY got letters.. One from Kymee Evans and one from my beloved Auntie Lori!! (isn't she a cousin???) I'm going to write you back actual letters this time because you sent me one! It's a reward! also Rachel Cole I have a PERFECT name for your fish but you have to wait till you get my letter! I'm in love with it and I learned the word the morning of the day I got the letter!
   Some awesome things? I'm at this awkward spot in learning the language that I can understand what people say without translating it into English . Pero.. I don't know what to say in Spanish so I have to stop.. translate it to English . come up with a reply.. translate that to Spanish . and then try to actually say it.. so it stinks. but I hear it's a good sign that I'm learning so YAY!
   We took another photo but they forgot to email it to me so I don't have it.. I'll see if I can get another elder to forward it to me so you MIGHT get to see it this week if not maybe next week.. or never.
   I'm learning tons about my mission and have run into some missionaries from my mission at the temple so I MIGHT be able to go more often than I originally thought! Yay! My mission sounds SO legit and I cannot WAIT to get out there! I hope they start me out in the city the first transfer but then I hope I go into the mountains which I hear is WAY crazier than the jungles with way awesome Mayans and such! I'm going to be a freaking jungle man when I get back! When I get home It'll be like in Jumanji when he comes out of the game with a beard and just yells "What year is it!!!!" ha ha I'm so stoked!
   I don't really have much to say this week.. I've been so busy I haven't thought much about writing till just now so this will be kinda short but just know I pray for you all and can't wait to make you all proud!! 
   Love you all!
Yours fortunately,
          ---Elder Hyrum Clark

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