Wednesday, May 22, 2013

5/21 Siete diaz mas!!!

This is my last week here in the CCM and I'm so excited to get out there with the other missionaries and find out how easy all of this hard work I've been doing really was. I continue to grow so much and I'll tell you there is nothing I've ever done to help me grow as much as this has. I can hold most of a conversation in spanish and I can understand about 80% of what I read (Depending on the reading) so I feel I'm not doing horrible. I love the language and I am continually impressed by how much I actually know in the language.
   I Memorized the baptimal question and the first vision in espaƱol and I'm working on DyC 4 now. I've gotten to the point where I struggle almost as much with english now as I do with speaking spanish as you might be able to tell with my spelling getting worse and my sentances not making as much sense.'
   This week has been full of fun and adventure.. not so much that it's distracting me from studies but for instance the other day our whole lunch group (Almost all the elders and a few Hermanas) tried this spicy sauce.. (I found out later it's called Devil's Blood and I think its one of the spiciest sauces) needless to say I saw faces turn very red and people instantly burst into tears. I guess all those years of loving hot sauce paid off though cause I was one of 2 people that didn't shed a single tear! It tastes horrible but it's definitely the spiciest thing I've tasted. (I found it doesn't burn as much if you hold the sauce in you mouth and let it dilute with saliva before you swallow and burn out your throat and stomach.. it also helps make it not so spicy... after.)
   I'm groing awesome with my companion and I'll let you know my favorite thing about him is that when he notices anyone not finish their potatoes he'll tell them "Hey Elder Clark want's your potatoes" (Which of course I always do) and gets them for me! Way cool and definitly HIGH on the scoring points list!
   I've gone through one or 4 trials this last week but I'll just say that they don't last vewry long.. I've almost got this whole going to the Lord thing down pat and usually I'm up and chrreful in an hour or two.. needless to say theres nothing I can't do anymore.. except eat hamburgers.
   So I've been hering a few things from back home.. but basically those few things add up to not much so a letter here and there might be nice.. I've only recieved two in the past 5 weeks as compared to my other district members getting like 5 a week. I thought with all my friends I'd at least have 3 by now (Shameless asking for letters). Come on.. it's not that hard and I PROMISE you if you don't write me I'll never write you back! (cause I don't have any of your addresses). Entonces Hermanos y Hermanas.. Nesecite escribir una carta para me! it's as simple as that!
   I've learned more about my mission by speaking with the latinos.. all I can say is I hope when my mission splits next month that I'm in the Coban mission.. I WANT to learn Q'equchi! Plus they say that's where all the action happens and more of that machete weilding action. Don't worry I'll be carefull.. not that I'll probably get one (If I do trust me you'll know... that'll be big news in my life!)
   I'm realizing more everyday how much I miss the little things.. and how much I can figure out how to get along without them. I mean just last night I fixed my sandles with a bottle cap! it's ghetto and it's awesome!
I miss you all but not as much as you hope I would. I think about lot's of you but not in a way that makes me wish I was home.. I wouldn't give up this mission for the world! I love it so freaking much!
 Keep up the good luck and don't be afraid to pray for the Lord to bless me with more of the language.. I'd love to learn it even faster! Thanks Grandma Clark for the gift! I love you!
Yours fortunately,
          ---Elder Hyrum Clark

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