Tuesday, June 17, 2014

2014-6-17 Rain or sweat... I'm still really wet!

Rain pours here! It's like being in a waterpark.. except you're in Sunday clothes and you can't enjoy it.. or change till 9pm. yeah.. not your dream experience right?
 Bueno. I'm pretty sure I'm getting the hang of things again.. I mean I still pass for rough patches where people call me a liar and say I'm blaspheming the name of Christ for having it on my nametag.. but I have to stop.. think about it.. not take it so personally and just rub it off.. How can someone who doesn't know what they're talking about be taken into such consideration.. they can't so I need to let it blow off like the rain.. well rain soaks in so maybe more like wind.
 I'm starting to enjoy the mission again! We had another fun district activity.. we went to San Miguel.. una colonia that's across the lake from Flores.. and takes 45 mins to get to by bus.. and 3 mins by boat.. Sadly we're not allowed to take a Q3 boat trip as missionaries and have to pay a Q40 bus trip. It was still really fun! They have some cool little things for being such a small unnoticed place.. They have what's called un "caballo de piedra" (Stone horse), a cool mirador, a super cool looking lake view and almost no dogs (I think that was the best part.. I've never been to a place with so little dogs.. I think I saw 4 in the entire trip!).
 We talked to another crazy drunk guy this week again.. well.. he came up to us and tried to ask for money. He told us that he was also a member of "La iglesia del Santo Señor Cristo" and that he attends church in melchor.. but 1) that's not anywhere near the name of our church and 2) there is no church in Melchor, Petèn todavìa. I still felt a little bad cause he was talking about how he "Hadn't eaten in days" y that "his family was starving" so I offered him the bread I had just bought for my b-fast the next morning.. but he blatantly rejected it and then changed the story and said his wife was dying in the hospital and that he needed MONEY.. which 1) I didn't have 2) We're not allowed to give 3) I didn't believe him anymore and 4) He rejected my super generous offer of my next mornings b-fast! I almost went hungry the next day and he rejected it! anyways we told him sorry that we didn't have, and couldn't give him any money.. then he called us selfish, prideful and said we were the cause of Guatemala's poverty.. That last one was actually a first for me to hear! Good Job viejo! (that's what they lovingly call old men) Keep telling people that and we'll see how many people want to help you!
 Anyways.. that's all my fun stories for

 now.. I love you and Hope you enjoy your day!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

2014-6-9 (No Subject)

(Because I can't think of a good subject heading... Did it look automated?)
 Well my dear admirers.. It's been a good week! I'm learning that the mission changes people.. but if you're not careful it's not always in the ways the Lord wants.. you gotta keep your eyes open and learn if its something God wants.. or if you're just beating yourself in the head with a 2X4 board.. Sometimes it ends up you were doing the second option.. and that's when you realize that maybe YOU made the change instead of letting God make the change in you.
 I realized these past 8 months I've been beating myself over the head for something that God wasn't even trying to teach me.. but that I was trying to convince myself I needed to learn. My last email told you about my little personal revelation.. and I've been trying to take that message to heart. 
 Looking back on my mission I was a lot happier and felt like I was doing more when I wasn't so serious.. Here in peten I've been getting more and more serious from the dats and the stress and the weight.. and I've decided I'm not gonna let the weight drag me down.. If I've gotta have weights I'mma gonna use 'em to make me strong but not to kill myself! I hope you'll start to see a BIG difference in my future letters.. but i hope even more that my district sees the change and that they can follow my example and learn to work hard and ENJOY the mission! That's part of thew job requirement! (2 Nefi 2:25)
 We went to a Mirador this week.. it wasn't anything super dope but it was fun to visit! I hope to bring my district more together and give them fun things to do to keep them animated! They're just the best and the Hermanas are the life of the mission! They're just the best at giving loving help.. I think lot's of us Elders need to learn to be loving leaders. because without love and encouragement you just weigh people down!
 well.. I love you all but I'm just gonna finish this quick because I just feel like getting out of here and doing something. I've already bored you enough!

Keep on being the best.

Santa Elena and I

Yours Reanimated,
   Elder Hyrum Clark
Hna. Caudillo, A five layered ice cream cone and I

My brown shirts.. I may or may not sweat A LOT here in 110ºf weather.
The District at the mirador

I'm an angel!!!! "Supid cupid. stop pickin' on me" (Who can guess the movie reference!?)

"Bienvenidos Mirador el Itza!"

"Retorno".. They want to return me!
Santa Elena, Isla de Flores y El Lago

My new district!

2014-6-2 Learning Virtue by virtue.

Well Hello Buddy!
   I'm having a lot of fun learning.. I think I'd have to say my second favorite thing to do (After eating potatoes) would be learning! (I'd say sleeping but I often loose sleep to learn things so it's apperent that sleep isn't as important to me as I'd like to make it sound). I love to see how God works in my life.. usually by trials and life lessons but in whatever form he works I find myself standing in awe and my comp seems to always be waiting there to punch me in the shoulder and ask my why I'm staring at something awkward (Whenever I stop to think I end up stareing at something awkward.. it's a sad truth.. don't ask questions).
   This week I've learned a little bit about personal revelation through prayer.. I was praying and talking to my Father (That wonderful man ustairs) and kinda saying sorry for the bad weeks I've been having.. I mean like I've been mentioning it hasn't been the best few changes for my dats. But while I was praying I kinda got distracted and started thinking.. I don't know if that ever happens to you but I almost ALWAYS get distracted and have to bring myself back to the prayer.. but while thinking I thought: 

"The mission is to prepare you for life. The things you learn here are to prepare you for future opportunities to serve. The number of baptisms won't make any difference in how your life ends up, how well you'll treat your future family, how good of a leader you'll be, how much love you can show to someone.. the number of baptisms won't change a single thing.. what's going to make the difference is How hard you worked to get them!" 

   I'm resolved to try my hardest to get them.. and only the Lord knows if I'll see the fruits now, in future years, or after this life.. But my job is to work my best to get them!

Thanks so much you everything you all have done to help me get here and keep animated while being here! I love you all and especially my family! (Love you mom and dad!)

Santa Elena
My Companion
Me by a palm tree covered pool!
Mi Distrito! (Well part of them)

2014-5-26 Changes.. yet again.

 Well like I said changes came again and I get a new companion! His name is Elder Gómez and He's from Panama City, Panama! I'm still here in Santa Elena (2), Petén and it's still hot as Mars! I'm sweatin' like a pig gettin' it's tail curl'd!
   I'm hoping this next change is better.. I've been doing my best to get closer to baptisms.. yesterday we had reporte de fax (Monthly dats) and when I saw we haven't had a single "Progressing Investigator" this last month it was a little depressing but this next month is going to be the bomb-diggity!
   Last week we went to a tienda to buy some drinks (cause it was like 103°F) and I was tired of drinking water out of bags (That's how they sell "purified" water here) and I asked what drinks they had for Q5 or less.. Yeah I was going big! (that's like $0.60) the kid in the tienda offered me a bunch of different types of Cokes.. (Side-note #1*) I laughed a little, as we missionaries don't drink caffeinated drinks (Rule in our mission. Good thing I don't like them.) and asked the kid if he had anything that WASN'T Coke.. He thought for a second and did that little "Ohh.." face and then started offering me a bunch of beers!!! I meant something less strong.. like juice for babies (Yoohoo! Ya shake it!") but apparently he thought I wanted something stronger! 
   I finally got to ride in a Yellow tuctuc! I'll send a foto! It's not that exciting so I might not send it.. or I'll send the foto that looks like I have a monkey arm.. But this guy took me all over the city before he brought me to my destination.. Like seriously.. "Esperame.. I need to fill up with gas".. "Esperame.. I need to go pick up my daughter from school".. "esperame vos.. I just want to grab something to eat". it was like 30 mins to get somewhere that should have taken 5 but at least he didn't charge me extra.. I would have probably gave him a Book of Mormon and said "Keep the Change". (I wonder if that'd work?)
   Well I have a fecha! His name is Ottoniel.. but He's under 18 and has to wait 7 weeks to get baptized.. I may have already mentioned him before but his fecha fell through and we put a new one yesterday! His biggest problem is that he works on Sunday and has fear of talking to his jefe about getting Sundays off. We'll be praying for him!
   Oh.. side-note #2*
   Today we celebrated Hna. De Leon's Birthday.. We had cake and broke open a piñata!!! It was really fun!
   Okay.. I'm running out of thoughts.. I love you ALLL!!!
Side-note #3*

 1) in Guatemala there are probably over 10 types of coca-cola: BIG Coke, Super Cola, Coca-cola, etc.
 2) I almost got hit by a bus.. No importa. Hna. De Leon saved my life.
 3) You're all the best! Keep On Keepin' On!

 1) Elder Gómez (on my right) is my new companion and my companion is going to San Francisco with Elder Balleteros.
 2) My District! (Well the one from last change)
 3) Hna. De Leon getting ready to break open her piñata!
 4) My monkey arm in a yellow tuctuc!

2014-5-19 Week of Patience

 This week has been a week of pacience! We had a week of the family.. all teh ward members (were supposed to have) brought investigators to the church every night for a different activity.. from 6-9pm.. sadly the members used that for an excuse not to leave with us!
   We helped out with the talent show and have some fun videos to show when I get home!
   I don't have much time today..I spent a lot of my time replying to those who wrote me.. if you haven't gotten a reply it's because I'm waiting till next week! 

I love you all and I'm so sorry for the super short stinky email!

photos of my district, My new house and a cool spot on the island of flores.

2014-5-12 Dear Diary

This week has been a different week. Not necessarily an easier week but different, and if there is someone who likes different it is I.
   I really enjoyed Elder Ochoa's visit here in Petèn this last week. He gave us some nice, loving, Cincho (that means "gave us the belt") that as I expected helped me a LOT! I now have a little bit better focus on what I would like to accomplish this second half of my mission! He related a story of an Elder in his mission who wrecked the mission car... Just Kidding Steven.. He didn't mention you. But he told a story of another missionary who struggled the first three quarters of his mission.. He felt down about his lack of success when others were able to baptize on almost a weekly basis.. but that he realized something the last 4th of the mission that helped change his attitude and got him baptizing weekly as well. The key (said he) was in putting our faith in the Lord and finding the chosen ones. Yeah it sounds a little like star wars "Roberto.. You are the chosen one!" but truly I feel like it will help me a lot! One of the things I've always liked that Preach my Gospel talks about is that God is preparing people to hear and accept our message.. Our job is to find those chosen ones and baptize them! Put more faith in God and look for the ones he's already got waiting! 
   He taught us a lot about being bold, Creating a sense of urgency and inviting in the first lesson. We'd already been trying to invite more in the first lesson but now I understand why! If I invite them and they say no.. and I invite them a second time after explaining.. and they still say no.. they haven't been prepared.. Well not exactly like that.. there's a lot more teaching and listening to the spirit and such but en sì the thing I need to do more is find the ones that are waiting to hear the Gospel and teach them.. not wasting time with those who are friendly but never progress.. look for the ones that are missing that something in their lives!
   I think it's been hard for me to do that in the past because.. well.. Let's face it. Contacting and looking for new people is NEVER fun.. not until you do it right. I've always been afraid of loosing investigators because I didn't want to be out there in the sun looking for more people.. I thought "If I have people I can just work hard with them till they're ready" But that's a very slow process for some investigators. 
   I've made a goal.. I want to drop as many investigators who are not progressing as possible. it's gunna be hard but I want to start over (Again) and look for those escogidos (Chosen ones) and baptize them! I'm gonna put my faith in the Lord that he really DOES have people waiting for me!
   I love you all and LOVED hearing about my family! I'm glad you're all doing great! Now my friends just need to step up to the plate and write me a letter. 
   Keep having faith in the Lord.. It's not the easiest at first thought.. but if you think about it again.. there's nothing easier than just doing what he asks and reaping the benefits!

P.S. Photos!
 Had another tarantula in my bathroom.. We're moving houses in two weeks and I'm SUPER excited to not have to worry about tarantulas!
 Also went on divisions this last week with Elder Lomeu who is the ONLY Brazilian in the whole mission. He's gunna help me learn Portuguese!
 We made cheesecakes! They were good but not quite as good as the ones Mom and Logan used to make.
 Me and My Companion

(Not sure in what order they're in but those are the four pictures!)
Yours fortunately,
   Elder Hyrum Clark