Tuesday, June 10, 2014

2014-6-2 Learning Virtue by virtue.

Well Hello Buddy!
   I'm having a lot of fun learning.. I think I'd have to say my second favorite thing to do (After eating potatoes) would be learning! (I'd say sleeping but I often loose sleep to learn things so it's apperent that sleep isn't as important to me as I'd like to make it sound). I love to see how God works in my life.. usually by trials and life lessons but in whatever form he works I find myself standing in awe and my comp seems to always be waiting there to punch me in the shoulder and ask my why I'm staring at something awkward (Whenever I stop to think I end up stareing at something awkward.. it's a sad truth.. don't ask questions).
   This week I've learned a little bit about personal revelation through prayer.. I was praying and talking to my Father (That wonderful man ustairs) and kinda saying sorry for the bad weeks I've been having.. I mean like I've been mentioning it hasn't been the best few changes for my dats. But while I was praying I kinda got distracted and started thinking.. I don't know if that ever happens to you but I almost ALWAYS get distracted and have to bring myself back to the prayer.. but while thinking I thought: 

"The mission is to prepare you for life. The things you learn here are to prepare you for future opportunities to serve. The number of baptisms won't make any difference in how your life ends up, how well you'll treat your future family, how good of a leader you'll be, how much love you can show to someone.. the number of baptisms won't change a single thing.. what's going to make the difference is How hard you worked to get them!" 

   I'm resolved to try my hardest to get them.. and only the Lord knows if I'll see the fruits now, in future years, or after this life.. But my job is to work my best to get them!

Thanks so much you everything you all have done to help me get here and keep animated while being here! I love you all and especially my family! (Love you mom and dad!)

Santa Elena
My Companion
Me by a palm tree covered pool!
Mi Distrito! (Well part of them)

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