Tuesday, June 10, 2014

2014-5-12 Dear Diary

This week has been a different week. Not necessarily an easier week but different, and if there is someone who likes different it is I.
   I really enjoyed Elder Ochoa's visit here in Petèn this last week. He gave us some nice, loving, Cincho (that means "gave us the belt") that as I expected helped me a LOT! I now have a little bit better focus on what I would like to accomplish this second half of my mission! He related a story of an Elder in his mission who wrecked the mission car... Just Kidding Steven.. He didn't mention you. But he told a story of another missionary who struggled the first three quarters of his mission.. He felt down about his lack of success when others were able to baptize on almost a weekly basis.. but that he realized something the last 4th of the mission that helped change his attitude and got him baptizing weekly as well. The key (said he) was in putting our faith in the Lord and finding the chosen ones. Yeah it sounds a little like star wars "Roberto.. You are the chosen one!" but truly I feel like it will help me a lot! One of the things I've always liked that Preach my Gospel talks about is that God is preparing people to hear and accept our message.. Our job is to find those chosen ones and baptize them! Put more faith in God and look for the ones he's already got waiting! 
   He taught us a lot about being bold, Creating a sense of urgency and inviting in the first lesson. We'd already been trying to invite more in the first lesson but now I understand why! If I invite them and they say no.. and I invite them a second time after explaining.. and they still say no.. they haven't been prepared.. Well not exactly like that.. there's a lot more teaching and listening to the spirit and such but en sì the thing I need to do more is find the ones that are waiting to hear the Gospel and teach them.. not wasting time with those who are friendly but never progress.. look for the ones that are missing that something in their lives!
   I think it's been hard for me to do that in the past because.. well.. Let's face it. Contacting and looking for new people is NEVER fun.. not until you do it right. I've always been afraid of loosing investigators because I didn't want to be out there in the sun looking for more people.. I thought "If I have people I can just work hard with them till they're ready" But that's a very slow process for some investigators. 
   I've made a goal.. I want to drop as many investigators who are not progressing as possible. it's gunna be hard but I want to start over (Again) and look for those escogidos (Chosen ones) and baptize them! I'm gonna put my faith in the Lord that he really DOES have people waiting for me!
   I love you all and LOVED hearing about my family! I'm glad you're all doing great! Now my friends just need to step up to the plate and write me a letter. 
   Keep having faith in the Lord.. It's not the easiest at first thought.. but if you think about it again.. there's nothing easier than just doing what he asks and reaping the benefits!

P.S. Photos!
 Had another tarantula in my bathroom.. We're moving houses in two weeks and I'm SUPER excited to not have to worry about tarantulas!
 Also went on divisions this last week with Elder Lomeu who is the ONLY Brazilian in the whole mission. He's gunna help me learn Portuguese!
 We made cheesecakes! They were good but not quite as good as the ones Mom and Logan used to make.
 Me and My Companion

(Not sure in what order they're in but those are the four pictures!)
Yours fortunately,
   Elder Hyrum Clark

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