Tuesday, June 17, 2014

2014-6-17 Rain or sweat... I'm still really wet!

Rain pours here! It's like being in a waterpark.. except you're in Sunday clothes and you can't enjoy it.. or change till 9pm. yeah.. not your dream experience right?
 Bueno. I'm pretty sure I'm getting the hang of things again.. I mean I still pass for rough patches where people call me a liar and say I'm blaspheming the name of Christ for having it on my nametag.. but I have to stop.. think about it.. not take it so personally and just rub it off.. How can someone who doesn't know what they're talking about be taken into such consideration.. they can't so I need to let it blow off like the rain.. well rain soaks in so maybe more like wind.
 I'm starting to enjoy the mission again! We had another fun district activity.. we went to San Miguel.. una colonia that's across the lake from Flores.. and takes 45 mins to get to by bus.. and 3 mins by boat.. Sadly we're not allowed to take a Q3 boat trip as missionaries and have to pay a Q40 bus trip. It was still really fun! They have some cool little things for being such a small unnoticed place.. They have what's called un "caballo de piedra" (Stone horse), a cool mirador, a super cool looking lake view and almost no dogs (I think that was the best part.. I've never been to a place with so little dogs.. I think I saw 4 in the entire trip!).
 We talked to another crazy drunk guy this week again.. well.. he came up to us and tried to ask for money. He told us that he was also a member of "La iglesia del Santo Señor Cristo" and that he attends church in melchor.. but 1) that's not anywhere near the name of our church and 2) there is no church in Melchor, Petèn todavìa. I still felt a little bad cause he was talking about how he "Hadn't eaten in days" y that "his family was starving" so I offered him the bread I had just bought for my b-fast the next morning.. but he blatantly rejected it and then changed the story and said his wife was dying in the hospital and that he needed MONEY.. which 1) I didn't have 2) We're not allowed to give 3) I didn't believe him anymore and 4) He rejected my super generous offer of my next mornings b-fast! I almost went hungry the next day and he rejected it! anyways we told him sorry that we didn't have, and couldn't give him any money.. then he called us selfish, prideful and said we were the cause of Guatemala's poverty.. That last one was actually a first for me to hear! Good Job viejo! (that's what they lovingly call old men) Keep telling people that and we'll see how many people want to help you!
 Anyways.. that's all my fun stories for

 now.. I love you and Hope you enjoy your day!

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