Saturday, July 12, 2014

2014-6-23 "...yea they smite him, and he suffereth it..." (1 Nephi 19:9)

Well.. You may ask me what that title is supposed to mean.. I have officially experienced my first time getting rocks thrown at me.. and I'll say that crazy old men have pretty good arms!
 This week we were eating lunch with the Hermanas and while sitting there the same crazy old man that I talked about last week came up to us and asked us for money... okay.. this is the 4th time he's asked us for money and we're literally struggling with our last few quetzales.. he doesn't want food so it rises suspicions as to WHAT he wants the money for but all in all the most important thing is that it's against the rules to give money out to people.. members, investigators, or crazy old men. We politely tell him no and like the first time he starts to insult us.. then starts saying really bad words and we ask him a little more sternly to please leave us alone! He turns around and starts to go around the corner.. when all of the sudden he bends over.. picks up a rock the size of a baseball and throws it at Hermana Schneider's back. The Lord definitely protected her because miraculously the rock that was sailing for her back dropped dramatically and went under the table! Hna. Schneider was saved by angels.. but sadly my foot wasn't covered by the mantel of the angel's robe because it got it hard! (the rock bounced off my foot and also hit my companion pretty hard in the leg.. he's got a bruise.)
 Sometimes being a missionary isn't easy.. sometimes people see the white shirt and think "Pisto!!!"(MONEY!) and here in Peten everyone feels they have the right to demand that you give them money.. and if you don't you deserve to be hit by rocks.
 I don't have much more time.. but I'd like to send you a picture of the rock (Yes.. I kept it).
 Remember that I love you and that being a disciple

of the Lord is worth even taking a few rocks! The work is not ours and he'll always be ready to help us in our time of need!
You guys rock! (not quite so literally...)

1) The Rock! 
2) Ice Cream Cones.. Five scoopers!
3) Oh.. P.S. Our house flooded.. that was fun!
4) Me and my companion.. working hard to clean after the flood..

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