Saturday, July 12, 2014

2014-6-30 "El Fin Se Acerca" (Y hay poco tiempo)

  I can't think of anything crazy this last week.. I'm doing a lot better! I'm getting used to the area.. Finally after 4 1/2 months!
  This last week we had a lesson with a sabatico family (7th Day).. it was.. interesting! haha the daughter who's 21 started driving into us trying to explain why Saturday is the Sabbath.. she had a force to be reckoned with but nevertheless we had a testimony from God which we all know beats all! She focused so much on the Sabbath and that because they're so "Perfect" in that, that when we asked her if they had prophets and apostles she fell silent.. she realized that even if they were "Perfect" on Sabbath day observance.. they could NOT be the true church of Christ without having his divine authority and without the same organization that is explained in the New Testament. A lesson that started so cold and attacking ended in laughter and cheer. I KNOW the spirit can change things from bad to good and can fix any mistakes that happen in teaching.. I'm not a perfect teacher but If I let the spirit do the teaching it doesn't matter as much what i say but what they feel when I say it!
  My district is passing through some rough spots.. it's so hard to see missionaries struggle with personal problems and as a District leader I'm the one that get's to deal with most of them. I truly LOVE my missionaries and am so proud of how hard they try to push forward despite personal weaknesses!
  I don't really have much more to write.. this week wasn't so eventful and I didn't even take many picts.
  It continues to amaze me how much the people here remind me of people back at home! I've met my dad, Bishop Dunford, Bro. Keeper, Ali, Cassidy and so many more Look-Alikes!

I love you all so dearly and can't wait till next week to write you again!! Send me pictures! I Miss you ALL!!

1) The children of our Eternal Investigators that pay tithing.. 

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