Tuesday, June 10, 2014

2014-5-26 Changes.. yet again.

 Well like I said changes came again and I get a new companion! His name is Elder Gómez and He's from Panama City, Panama! I'm still here in Santa Elena (2), Petén and it's still hot as Mars! I'm sweatin' like a pig gettin' it's tail curl'd!
   I'm hoping this next change is better.. I've been doing my best to get closer to baptisms.. yesterday we had reporte de fax (Monthly dats) and when I saw we haven't had a single "Progressing Investigator" this last month it was a little depressing but this next month is going to be the bomb-diggity!
   Last week we went to a tienda to buy some drinks (cause it was like 103°F) and I was tired of drinking water out of bags (That's how they sell "purified" water here) and I asked what drinks they had for Q5 or less.. Yeah I was going big! (that's like $0.60) the kid in the tienda offered me a bunch of different types of Cokes.. (Side-note #1*) I laughed a little, as we missionaries don't drink caffeinated drinks (Rule in our mission. Good thing I don't like them.) and asked the kid if he had anything that WASN'T Coke.. He thought for a second and did that little "Ohh.." face and then started offering me a bunch of beers!!! I meant something less strong.. like juice for babies (Yoohoo! Ya shake it!") but apparently he thought I wanted something stronger! 
   I finally got to ride in a Yellow tuctuc! I'll send a foto! It's not that exciting so I might not send it.. or I'll send the foto that looks like I have a monkey arm.. But this guy took me all over the city before he brought me to my destination.. Like seriously.. "Esperame.. I need to fill up with gas".. "Esperame.. I need to go pick up my daughter from school".. "esperame vos.. I just want to grab something to eat". it was like 30 mins to get somewhere that should have taken 5 but at least he didn't charge me extra.. I would have probably gave him a Book of Mormon and said "Keep the Change". (I wonder if that'd work?)
   Well I have a fecha! His name is Ottoniel.. but He's under 18 and has to wait 7 weeks to get baptized.. I may have already mentioned him before but his fecha fell through and we put a new one yesterday! His biggest problem is that he works on Sunday and has fear of talking to his jefe about getting Sundays off. We'll be praying for him!
   Oh.. side-note #2*
   Today we celebrated Hna. De Leon's Birthday.. We had cake and broke open a piñata!!! It was really fun!
   Okay.. I'm running out of thoughts.. I love you ALLL!!!
Side-note #3*

 1) in Guatemala there are probably over 10 types of coca-cola: BIG Coke, Super Cola, Coca-cola, etc.
 2) I almost got hit by a bus.. No importa. Hna. De Leon saved my life.
 3) You're all the best! Keep On Keepin' On!

 1) Elder Gómez (on my right) is my new companion and my companion is going to San Francisco with Elder Balleteros.
 2) My District! (Well the one from last change)
 3) Hna. De Leon getting ready to break open her piñata!
 4) My monkey arm in a yellow tuctuc!

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