Tuesday, June 10, 2014

2014-6-9 (No Subject)

(Because I can't think of a good subject heading... Did it look automated?)
 Well my dear admirers.. It's been a good week! I'm learning that the mission changes people.. but if you're not careful it's not always in the ways the Lord wants.. you gotta keep your eyes open and learn if its something God wants.. or if you're just beating yourself in the head with a 2X4 board.. Sometimes it ends up you were doing the second option.. and that's when you realize that maybe YOU made the change instead of letting God make the change in you.
 I realized these past 8 months I've been beating myself over the head for something that God wasn't even trying to teach me.. but that I was trying to convince myself I needed to learn. My last email told you about my little personal revelation.. and I've been trying to take that message to heart. 
 Looking back on my mission I was a lot happier and felt like I was doing more when I wasn't so serious.. Here in peten I've been getting more and more serious from the dats and the stress and the weight.. and I've decided I'm not gonna let the weight drag me down.. If I've gotta have weights I'mma gonna use 'em to make me strong but not to kill myself! I hope you'll start to see a BIG difference in my future letters.. but i hope even more that my district sees the change and that they can follow my example and learn to work hard and ENJOY the mission! That's part of thew job requirement! (2 Nefi 2:25)
 We went to a Mirador this week.. it wasn't anything super dope but it was fun to visit! I hope to bring my district more together and give them fun things to do to keep them animated! They're just the best and the Hermanas are the life of the mission! They're just the best at giving loving help.. I think lot's of us Elders need to learn to be loving leaders. because without love and encouragement you just weigh people down!
 well.. I love you all but I'm just gonna finish this quick because I just feel like getting out of here and doing something. I've already bored you enough!

Keep on being the best.

Santa Elena and I

Yours Reanimated,
   Elder Hyrum Clark
Hna. Caudillo, A five layered ice cream cone and I

My brown shirts.. I may or may not sweat A LOT here in 110ºf weather.
The District at the mirador

I'm an angel!!!! "Supid cupid. stop pickin' on me" (Who can guess the movie reference!?)

"Bienvenidos Mirador el Itza!"

"Retorno".. They want to return me!
Santa Elena, Isla de Flores y El Lago

My new district!

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