Tuesday, May 6, 2014

2014-5-5 and I DONT wanna miss a thing!

Well this week.. it's been the same.. kinda.
   I'm still not sure what it is God wants to teach me.. or if it's yet another trail in patience.. or if I really am just losing it as a missionary but I'll have to say despite how awful it feels in the moment it's kinda cool to look back on it and see the wild ride I've been on!
   This week I've been tested in working with the members.. that is, I should say, NOT working with the members and suffering from their lack of desire to help us. We have a mission rule that after 5:30pm we HAVE to have a member accompanying us or we have to stay in our house calling until we find one. I probable haven't mentioned this rule much because it's never been a big problem for me! The members are usually willing to help us out and if our aassigned member can't we can usually find someone else relatively quick. This week that has not been the case.
   We have lost 5 DAYS for lack of member.. and have had less lessons with member this week than I've had in one DAY before! What makes it all worse is that this week was what I thought was going to be the best. We had 5-6 people that we had plans to put fechas with and we couldn't visit them.. the whole week. and we still have 0 Baptismal fechas!
   oh well.. this week we have them members planned and I'm hoping for the best. It's really been fun these last weeks.. stressful but fun seeing how God wants me to work.
   I'm excited for this week. Elder Ochoa from the area seventy is coming because our mission has been INCREDIBLY low these last two months.. I'm hoping for some good solid cincho that I can sit back, Take notes, and find out what it is that an area seventy will be inspired to teach me. really excited because I haven't been able to find it out on my own so I'm hoping with all my heart that mixed in with the cincho the spirit can tell me what I'm lacking.
   I know it's probably been a bit depressing reading my letters lately.. but I'm learning.. I'm venting stress and while doing so I'm realizing things I need to change. I'll try to keep my letters more uplifting and upbeat from now on but I just wanna put a big shout out to everyone who reads this:
   I HAVEN'T RECEIVED ALMOST ANY WORD FROM ANY OF YOU!!! (For the few that have written me thank you so very much! Your letters bring me a whole lot of happiness). I'm seriously DYING to hear about home, My ward, My friends, My dog Molly who's probably dead by now. Honestly ANYTHING! I'm sorry I'm not the best at replying big long letters but I'm dying here not knowing anything about you guys! If you love me Send me a letter! I love you all and hope for the best! I pray for you.. AND FOR YOUR LETTERS!

Elder Hyrum Clark
Guatemal Cobàn Mission
Apartado Postal #34
3ra Calle 2-02 Zona 3
Coban AV 16001
Guatemala C.A.
Les Extraño,
   Elder Hyrum Clark

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