Tuesday, May 6, 2014

2014-3-31 YAAAAY I'm a llama again!

 Well... I just have a TON of photos to send... this last week has been great!! We had Interviews with President and Sister Curtiss and a awesome zone conference and I almost cried when I saw the assistants for the first time in forever! (Okay it's only been 4 weeks but I miss them!)
   We went to Petencito today! That's were all my photos will be from (Mainly) it's like a zoo... but with less security.. and monkeys that run around outside! Yeah I held hands with a monkey too! Be Jealous! 
   I saw Jaguars, Pumas, other small jaguar looking things, Monkeys, parrots, whatever those big red colorful parrots are called, crocodiles, turtles and a ton of crazy things! all within hands reach (Yeah that was a little scarry for the jaguar and crocodile!)
   My companion is doing amazing.. I think he's getting discuraged about learning emglish but He's doing great and I'm going to try and talk more english around him so he catches on.. he just needs practice talking at normal speed and a LITTLE vocabulary.
   We were out contacting the other day looking for a less active.. we came to the house that we thought it was and called out "Maria!" (That means "Hello anybody home?!") and a little boy, 5 years old, comes to the door to greet us! "No hay nadie.." (Nobody's home). "En serio" (serously?!) we said. "se fueron a comprar.." (They're out shopping for a few hours). "Y cuando van a regresar?" (When can we come back and talk with them?).. The little boy goes into the house and whispers.. to what I'm SURE was the television because like he said there's no one home. "Van a regresar a las 9:30" (They'll be back.. but not untill you guys have to be in your house..). "Y podemos regresar mañana tal vez?" (Can we come visit them tomorow?). "Yo Vivo Solìto..." (I'm a bachelor and this is my house.). Little Did I know when I came to guatemala it is actually very common for 5yr olds to own their own huse and live alone!   In case you were wondering Chapins (Guatemantecos) arn't very good at lying.
   Anyways it's a short letter but I hope you enjoyed it! I'm going to try and remember the more funny parts of my week cause I feel like my letters were getting dry.
   I Love you Wisconson!!! And CALIFORNIA!!!!

Holding hands with a monkey,
---Elder Hyrum Clark

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