Tuesday, May 6, 2014

2014-4-7 The WATERHOLE?!

Well this week has been great! I kinda fell in "the waterhole" which was humbling but because of that great! I know that I'm not the worlds best missionary but I'm here learning line upon line or as they say here "Poco a poco".
   We have been working it hard this last month.. pounding the pavement, doors, books and pretty much anything else we could pound.. but in the end we realized that we forgot a small detail.. we need to help the investigators progress! 
   We've focused so hard to get new investigators and to get in a good amount of lessons and in the end we accomplished our goal.. but we missed the point. We thought that the lessons were an achivement.. but en verdad we forgot that we were supposed to be there for the investigators.. not for the dats.
   I'll admit it.. don't use me as your role model Missionary.. I have MUCH to learn and change but I'm grateful for the opportunity I had to recognize it and to be able to make the change after.
   We've made a new goal.. we don't want to drop our dats entirely but we've decided that instead of forgeting dats, we're going to make up our own dats! We're going to push to see how many lessons we can teach with the spirit, How many people complete with their reading assignment, Pray in a lesson, Attend church, invite friends to hear the message.. with these dats.. and raising them.. we'll finally be able to see a difference and not just that but feel the joy of the spirit helping us along.
   I hope I've not dissapointed any one of you.. I never said I'd be a perfect missionary but I'm Proud of myself and how much I've changed as a person. I know that even though I've fallen I still have the oportunity to get back up and keep trying! That's what Grace is all about! That is way the spirit atoned for my sins! THAT is why I KNOW the savior loves me.. and loves each of you too!

P.S. I went to tikal again! Fotos adjuntado!

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