Tuesday, May 6, 2014

2014-4-21 Week of learning...

Dear Readers/Friends/(Most importantly)Family,
   This week has been tough. Not the worst but down there. We lost our fecha because the less active mom won't aprove the marriage of her son to our investigator (They had a child together.. and live together.. in the less active mom's house. That's not a problem for her but them getting married is!). They can't get married without the moms permission because the son is only 16. so we're going to see what we can do to let the mom understand the importance of marriage and find out what can be done.. If they can't be married they need to separate! 
   This Family is a great family.. we've been working and fighting to get them re activated and last week was the first time they've come! They missed this week but we don't want to let that happen again! 
   I hit 12 months this last Thursday.. I'm not baggy or excited to go home.. but it was hard on me emotionaly to hit the one year mark. I've been striving and trying my hardest to change and become who it is God needs me to be.. but in a latin american mission where baptisms are not "Hard" to get and missionaries often leave with more than 20 makes me wonder "How is it that in 12 months I'm still down here with 3.. technically 1 cause the first two were just there when I arrived!"
   I've seen the Lords had in my life and seen his Grace play a big part in my life. I've changed through grace and become a better person by grace but all my work and efforts feel selfish if I can't even use it to bless the lives of all those around me! I get to the house dead tired, don't sleep till late, wake up at 6:28am, Love the people with all my heart and try with all my might to follow the spirit! I do all this to the pont where I get home fall face first on my bed and realize I've just slept 7hrs with my clothes and a backpack on. I don't do it for the recognicion I do it because I really want to change someones life! I want to bring others what has helped and brought me the greatest strength in my life!
   My job as district leader is to keep my troops animated! I help them resolve problems, think things out clearly, find solutions to hard problems and become better missionaries! My district has grown, changed, learned and recieved much sucess! We have 9 baptismal fechas in our district and I'm as proud as a porcupine for them and their sucess but it really feels like a bullet wound to see my area as the only one with a big 0. I'm talking with president and looking for solutions and with the help of President I've made a gold never to sleep until I've invited at least one person to be baptised, found at least one person to be a new investigator and helped just one person to understand the importance of prayer in their lives.
   I know the Lord will bless me. I've seen him do it! The hard part is knowing when.. When is the Lord's time? Will I see the fruits of my labor in this life or not till the next? that's what is hard for me. But until then I keep on Keepin' on!
   Thank you all for your love, prayers, and especially Letters! I was the happiest man alive when I recived two letters this last week! First two I've recieved since January! I LOVE YOU ALL!!

p.s. It's been super hot.. This past week has been between 40-43ºc I've been sweating a LOT but somehow I always find a slight pleasent breeze or a sweet cloud that passes through the path of the blistering sun JUST when I need it most! I'm a firm believer that miracles can be small things when needed. God is in each breeze and each cloud and I know he loves me when I feel the sweet soft air cool my skin for just a few seconds.. those moments bring me some of the happiest times I have!

(I'm not sure what order they're in but these are the photo discriptions)
1) We have a cave in our area.. yeah.. it's all dark and scary and I have plans to go explore it one of these p-days!
2) Imagine 3am Potty urges, Now add diarea, now add a big fast spider on top.. Litterally on top.. Of the toilet! Another miracle from God but I STILL haven't "Soiled my trousers" in my 12 months.. Supposedly you're not a missionary till you've pooped your pants but I hope to finish my mission without accomplishing that OR peeing in the streets.
3) I LOVE tuctucs and here in Santa Elena y San Benito there are only 2 Purple tuctucs.. It's been a mission goal to ride in one and I've been looking for every chance to ride one.. FINALLY I got he chance.. this is a photo of my happiness!
4) My first catholic "Dead Jesus" parade! I've never seen Catholics use so many idols till I got here in Guatemala.. I don't think catholics in the states march around carrying Jesus and Virgin Mary idols on their shoulders. Anyways.. New expirences!

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