Tuesday, May 6, 2014

2014-4-28 "He's so...", "Sweet?", "No!... Spicy!"

 Well that was weird I'm sure.. But it relates a little bit! I love spicy food! ? have been blessed to be in a mission were spicy food is common. Not loved.. but common! They almost ALWAYS have chili around here!! But I'm scared it might be an addiction. I once ate a chili pepper straight from a bush.. the other elders gasped and some random lady I didn't even know was watching said "¿¡Lo Comiò!?" (Did he just eat that?!") I guess it was a really spicy pepper or something.. Oops! But it was just fine with me! I think my spicy buds have died.. it takes a habanero pepper to get my eyes watering now!
   This week has continued to be hard.. Thanks to all those who wrote me! It's been a great boost! I went on divisions with Elder Trujillo, A great friend of mine who also just happens to be AP! He helped me see that I'm missing mainly two things. 1) Faith. and 2) Confidence. Not faith and confidence in the Lord.. Supposedly I'm doing okay with that (I really do have Faith in Christ!) but what I'm Missing is faith and confidence in myself. I know God can do anything.. but I've ALWAYS doubted that he'd do it for me. "I know God can get people baptized but why would he do that for me.. I'm not worthy of it!". I've decided to try and work more on that.. to have more confidence in myself.. That I'M WORTH IT! It's gunna be hard cause I'm NOT the type of confident, cocky, "Eve-ry-bo-dy Loves Me!" guy but I'm gunna work my hardest to remind myself that I can do it.. not me alone but that I can do it with God cause God loves me and wants to help ME!
   I'm feeling better (but if you want to write me to cheer me up that's perfectly acceptable!) and I'm going to try and forget the dats a little more.. Not something I'd advise other missionaries to do! but I feel like I need to focus more on the individual lesson, the investigator and the spirit than to focus on "We need to get 3 more lessons with member today and we don't have a member!".
   This week has also been hard on money.. being in Petèn AND being District Leader is not light on the money pouch! Not to mention the daily Choco-bananos I have to buy to keep my head cool (literally). I used all my monthly allowance AND my emergency fund to keep buying purified water (15gals a week!!) and paying transportation for divisions, baptism interviews, district meetings and zone meetings. I'm thinking I MAY have to dip into my personal funds this next month...
   We had another marshmallow fight today... this time we did a double district activity.. basically it got messy and clean up was a big part of the day. but we had fun and enjoyed the company of the other district!
   I feel like I'm gunna get home and everything is going to feel so short! The trip to Amy's house was like 20 mins.. here twenty minutes is a "close" trip 1-2 hour(s) is "normal" 4-6Hrs "Long" and 8-12hrs is "Far". I'm gunna get home and Going to my cousins house will be like going on divisions or walking to district meeting.. which now feels like nothing!
   I don't think I have anything more ta say.. Here's

a few pictures of some of my favorite things and people! (Oh and me sweating... I sweat an average of 2 cups of sweat a day and so have to drink like 3-4 liters of water)
   Can you spot the Pineapple?

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