Wednesday, March 26, 2014

2014/3/24 It Bites!!!

   Luckily it wasn't a dog.. but these sancudos (Mosquitos) I think are causing me more pain than the two dog bites I've received combined! I [don't] SWEAR these things leave bite marks as big as dimes! and they itch for weeks!
   The Island started to flood the other day.. we had a "Storm" that was just like a calm Tracy breeze and that with the full moon made the river rise and well.. we had to cross on stepping stones to get home! it's pretty fun out here!
   We did the marshmallow war again today.. I think the district liked it! They were all really happy.. Thank you again Steven Cole for your awesome package that has brought happiness to the lives of many missionaries serving in Guatemala.
   So Somehow our branch mission leader got his hand on a book of Mormon in Japanese.. anyways I decided it'd be a cool photo opportunity and now you can all see how dark I'm getting in Petén.. yes the glistening is me sweating and my hair was getting long.. I cut it today cause I was getting really hot with all that hair..
   My nose has gotten so burnt here... it peeled.. and then peeled.. and then bled.. and now it's kinda scabby don't worry about it though.. if I get skin cancer on my nose I can just get a new one like Michael Jackson! (wow.. that's actually a horrifying thought.) I think I'm going to actually get a tan here! Besides my nose I haven't gotten sunburned yet *Knock on wood* I kinda just forgot sunscreen existed and have been slowly dying from the sun.. Or maybe I'm just turning into one giant freckle!
   I'm super excited! This Friday we have zone conference and Pres. Curtiss is going to be doing interviews! I'm so excited to see him again! I think I might cry from happiness! :' ) I really miss being around him and the assistants and the office.. and the Air Conditioning and the Taxi and the Free food and the computer and the three companions.. but mainly President!
   Well.. I have no Idea how much time I have.. but I'm dying of thirst.. and I have to take a questionnaire.. So I think I'm going to End this.. I'm sorry guys.. but its over! I just can't be with you anymore!

...I think I should've started with "Dear John"...

Oh! PS.
I'm finally learning a bit of Q'eqchi'!!! I actually have time for language study!!!.. (Once a week)

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