Wednesday, March 26, 2014

2014/3/14 Cave trouble!!!!

 Well this week has been productive! We've really raised our dats as a district and as a reward I bought them all choco bananos! We also went to las Cuevas de Actun Kan (photo attached) Where we got lost for 3 hrs! it was probably the most fun I've had on a P-day in 7 months.. apart from the mud fight..
   The Island of Flores is pretty cool.. it's tiny but it's gorgeous! (I have no idea how to spell that!) Definitely a cool photo shoot location! Me and my comp sometimes like to study out on the island! (photos attached). We've also enjoyed doing service projects and working hard! It's a whole new world when you're Ariel!
   My companion continues to surprise me with his Spanish.. I feel so lucky to have such pilas Companions! The Lord keeps blessing me! I'm so grateful for the opportunity to serve and train him as a missionary! He learns fast and is super animated! He's taken hold of the things I teach and is super gung ho!!
   We've been blessed this week with a bunch of new investigators.. The Lord has noticed our efforts to do better and has given us great opportunities! I'm still trying to help my companion stay animated and see the progress in investigators even when they seem to have big trails attached. He's learning to see them as they could be en vez de como estàn.
   Well.. Today I hit 11 months in the mission.. it's weird to think that in 31 days I'll be halfway done.. I don't want it to be over and just thinking about it makes me feel sad.. so I'm TRYING not to.. but it's hard when everyone says "Feliz Cumplemes Elder Clark!!! YA SE VA!!!" haha it's funny but also weird. Nevertheless I'm determined to enjoy my last 13 months in peace and full fo spirit!
   I miss you all but not so much I want to come home.. just like I'm fine here.. but when I do come home watch out for the deadly hugs I'll give!! :P
Adios Amigos!!!




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