Wednesday, March 26, 2014

2014/2/22 Week 42.. I Think.

I honestly have NO idea how many weeks I've been out but if I give myself 4 weeks a month for 8 months and 5 for 2 months I figure that brings me to 42.. I just have no idea if there were really 2 months with 5 weeks.
   ANYWAYS, I have had a great week this last one.. With the office and all my dats have sunk pretty low these past weeks but I'm learning that SOMETIMES the quantity counts less than the Quality.. now that only counts for the missionaries that really have no time.. if you have time and are not using it you're just being Chambone and should get back to work! But really I've noticed that even though I'm not getting as much work done the Lord has been making the little I do go a long way!
   This last week I talked about giving our all even if it isn't much and never getting down.. the hermanas are super pilas so basically the meeting was just to lift myself up.. and it worked! we talked about all our posible baptismal dates and then I committed everyone to invite their posibilities to be baptised during this week. Well I'm not sure how much of an impact it had on the Hermanas but I gave a talk that hyped me up! That same day we visited two of our posibilities and put 3 fechas.. one of them wanted to get baptised that same night but we told him to calm down and we'll get him the 1st of march.. It would have been really cool to do it and we probably could have (In freezing water) but we felt he still needed a bit of growing to do. We also have had uber spiritual lessons this last week and even though our members have bailed on us EVERY night we've found ways to do divisions (Or spilts) with the members 4 nights.

   ...I just got horrible news. Elder Bashaw told me that they announced that the TV show Psych is going to end after this next season. I'm devistated! Look how devistated I am!   :,(
Anyways.. I saw the episode of the district about the Hermanas brother dying and how she kept working.. so I think I should keep working even though Psych will be over before I return home.

   We finally did a district activity.. I want to thank Steven Cole for getting me the Idea! (photo below). It really was a fun day and I think the Hermanas enjoyed it just as much as us! I know the Birds are going home full of marshmellos today. We'll probably show up to the baptism today and see a flock of birds just sitting in the church parking lot eating them!
   Tonight I'm baptising the Hermanas Baptism.. (photos next week) Even though it's not my fecha I still feel so happy inside when someone get's baptised! I continue to pray that the baptism for the 1st of march goes through.. It'll be my first baptism in 7 months! (photos in 2 weeks)
   We've had some crazy times in the office this last weel.. The finance elders had their yearly audit this week so they've been in the office from 9am-9pm Monday - Thursday.. yeah.. they've gone crazy and helping them has also made the rest of us crazy as well! (photos attached)
   The Kirks went home this last change.. They've been a HUGE help to us not only in the work but in keeping us sane! they're now gone and a part of them will stay with me forever! I accidently called Hermana Kirk "mom" last week when they made us lunch, totally got made fun of for it. She's amazing! (photos in the next email)
   OH!!! I got a truck! Well not me but the Asistents.. and I just hope to drive it once before I leave! it's super cool and all of you who know one of my dreams is to have a truck will understand how happy I've been just to know that there is a 4% chance I'll drive it before I leave the office! (Photos attached in next email).
  Well I hope you all know how much I love you and that you're in my heart and prayers! It's weird to hear about the changes and people growing up while I'm out here.. I just realized that My oldest niece will be abel to date shortly after I get back! And my oldest nephew will have probably have gone on many! so weird...
   Keep me in your thoughts, Prayers and mail Lists!

Yours un poco loco,

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