Monday, June 10, 2013

6/10 Positivity!.. sorta?

  Okay.. so I REALLY REALLY R E A L L Y want to talk about how much I Hat- .. Strongly dislike P-days but I'm going to try and keep this positive.. Cause I need to be more positive in all my dealings! :)
   I had my first "small rain" here.. I'd really hate to see what they call a flash flood! Basically it went like this.. Drip, POUR, Electric storm, alien invasion, dead cow, drip. Yup that about sums up my first rain storm here.
   Something really cute I saw this week was this little girl.. we were visiting a family and their daughter (I think like 5-6) was wearing a dress that was clearly 3 sizes too small and she was sucking the flavor off a candy wrapper.. now I know it's sad she only had a candy wrapper to suck on but she had the biggest smile on her face and I thought it was so cute.. until it was me sucking the flavor off my bag of chips cause I didn't have enough money to buy more food for the week. I'm sorry Little girl... I feel for you.
   I've decided that I don't like living with men.. they're kind of immature. you'd think cause they're elders they'd be okay but.. nah not really.. they're still teenagers inside. I really hope I'm not like that.. at least not all the time.
   Let's see if I can do Español..
   Esta es un poca cosas en español.. son no mucho porque yo no puedo hablar mucho.. pues yo puedo pero no MUY mucho. Yo tengo una casa bien y yo le amo mucho porque es grande y yo tengo mi propio baño! Si! pero yo no tengo mucho (pressure) en mi baño y es dispacio (Slow?). Tal vez yo tengo cosas bien para comer pero tal vez no. Hoy yo creo que yo como la carne de un vaca.. y no la carne bien pero la carne de la.. colona? yo no se in español.. pero fue no MUY mal.. solo un poco estranga.
   It's weird.. I often times prefer my own cooking to the cooking of the people here.. but luckily we don't really eat at members houses much.. the few times I have it's just been beans which is fine with me cause I LOVE beans! they're at the top of my list of foods here.. right underneath Mexican food (They don't have that much here). OH! I had French fries the other day! I just about screamed like a little girl when I saw them! (We go to an hermanas house every day for lunch and we pay her for the food). Yup they're still my favorite food! My comp leaned over to me and said "Quere cambiar mi papas por su pollo?" (Want to switch my fries for your chicken?) I was totally down and agreed before he finished speaking!  ..."Broma!"... (Broma is the Latino way to say "Psych!")
   I don't have anymore time but I hope that was a good letter to you all. 

Yours fortunately,
          ---Elder Hyrum Clark
p.s. I still hope for letters every day.. but I have no Idea when I'll get them cause they come from the office.. I think MAYBE I'll get them next week when I go on the Zone Activity.

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