Thursday, June 20, 2013

6/20 I'm on a mission!

   I'm on a mission! I think I realized it when I ran out of money 2 weeks before I am supposed to be reimbursed. Things are interesting. They tell me that I should be fine next month it's only cause the first month you have to pay the rent from your food fund and the next month they reimburse you and you use that for your rent. but yeah.. things are starting to kick in.

People I played ball with today
   I'm doing better at Spanish.. that's about the only thing. My memory still is on the frits and I'm getting blisters on my feet daily. I'm enjoying the change but I wont lie I'm suffering a bit too. I'm just trying to keep my head up and my feet moving. I honestly can't think of all the things I wanted to say.
   I'm in an internet café here that's pretty legit! Like seriously I walked in and its a 20 (or so ) year old guy with a ton of computers and hardware for sale and it's just pretty much like a programmer's oasis in Guatemala. I could see Sean having a store like this.. Gosh I could see myself owning a store like this and LOVING it!

My Comp cutting down a tree with a machete
   I've seen some crazy stuff here! Guatemala is a new adventure every day! Today I played futbol and basket ball with a huge group of members/investigators/random  people off the street that we invited (See Picture).. it was fun!
   I've definitely been working.. I've chopped down trees with machetes and I found out
that's how they cut the grass here too! yup.. I've spent my fair share of time cutting grass with machetes and I fear I have plenty more time left in my mission for more.
   If my English is horrible it's cause it is.. I can't speak it either. my comp  wanted my to pray in English and half ended up being Spanish.. I think in Spanish and I dream in Spanish.. it's all broken bad Spanish but my English is pretty bad as well. It's even harder while I'm typing cause it's a Spanish computer and all the words I type in English are underlined in red so I have NO idea if I'm spelling Anything correctly.
   I'm honestly just rambling now.. I can't think of what to say.. I guess I could tell you that I have a baptism scheduled for this Saturday and another for next.. but I can't think of anything cool that's you'd care to know. I ate French fries again! that was fun! 
   Well I have a headache.. I think I'm done for the day.

 That is my "chapel".. I think it's just a meeting house though.. that's all there is,  that one room for everything.
Yours fortunately,

  ---Elder Hyrum Clark



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