Monday, February 3, 2014

2014-2-1 Sarah! Put down that handcart and wipe the dirt from off of your face.

(The subject of this letter is dedicated to my cousin Chris Williams because he puts the best subjects and I always think of him when I say that quote.)

   Well this week was great.. well.. sorta. I've had some VERY interesting experiences. I'l start off by just telling a few of them.. and leaving out the too crazy ones so as to not worry anyone.
   Well.. I met "John the beloved" last Saturday.. No joke! This gringo literally tried to make us think he was John the Beloved. Let's just say because of him I now do not have ANY desire to try and teach gringos while I am here in Guatemala. This guy met us in McDonald's as we were just grabbing an ice cream cone and asked if he could ask a few questions.. of course we're elders and so we say yes.. He starts out talking about all these religions he's studying and instantly I knew it was going to go downhill from there.. but I never knew how far! This guy after a little while started hinting that he was really old.. and that he may or may not personally know Jesus.. Then he started throwing out some REALLY weird DEEP doctrine and then kept talking about John the beloved and the three Nefites and kept saying things like "There's four of us still on the earth" and CRAZY stuff like that. Needless to say we left at the first opportunity that presented itself and told the President everything. The best part about the experience though is that it gave me the opportunity to RE confirm my testimony and when I did that it helped boost my energy for the week!
   We watched the Restoration DVD this last week as well! I have come to LOVE the quote that Lucy Mack give Joseph.. "You need to receive from God that which man can not give... Or take away." I LOVE the power of a good testimony and know that a good testimony could never be given to you by a man.. nor taken away.
   I've been a walking ZOMBIE these last two weeks.. let me just say being a District Leader AND in the office takes it's mental tool! Waking up early to move the Hnas. to a new house.. then going to bed late trying to get an Elder back to his house.. The alarm goes off in the morning and I get ready.. but I never really wake up.
   Speaking of getting Elders home one of the other elders that was in the accident back in July just went home this past week.. He's been having treatments for a while and in the end they decided it'd be best if they just sent him home to finish them. That was a long day in the office.
   I'm trying to animate the Hnas. in my district but I feel bad because ¿How can I ask them to do better if I'm not even doing as good as they are? We have 4 Lessons with member this last week and we've been in the office late almost EVERY day! With all these emergency changes this last week the leave at 3 PM rule kinda died and got buried.
   I don't know how I'll do it all but I know I can.. "..The Lord God giveth no commandment unto the children of men save he shall prepare a way.." (1 Nefi 3:7) and if I can do it despite all my failures and difficulties I know YOU can do it! So if you are passing through something hard take it as a compliment! It's because God KNOWS you can handle it!
   I'm always here for you guys and would REALLY like some pictures! BIG Thanks to the Binghams and Nichols for the family photos! I loved hearing about little Hosanna as well! My family is just the BEST!

Not many photos this week I'll have to find better opportunities this next week!

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