Friday, February 6, 2015

06/02/2015 - Training.. It's a good thing!

 Well like I mentioned last week I have a new companion named Elder Sierra.. he's actually from Comayagüela, Honduras but Tegucigalpa is almost the same place. I'm finishing up his training and it's great! Definitely no time for getting Trunky! I'm really Happy cause he is helping me keep in line my last change and.. well.. he's helping me learn patience.. again.
 This week has been fun.. I've been able to expound my boundaries and explore more.. Explore techniques and new ideas.. and Logan is making me think harder about new and fun missionary ideas before I leave.. that's really helping. This week we're going to try and do more service..
 Today we decided that P-day is over rated.. so we spent the first half of the day building a house for the sister of a member.. she's not a member but we're hoping that through our service she will be.. and who knows.. maybe the neighbors will see and want to hear more about us too! Plus I just REALLY love getting my hands dirty now and again.
 I've been seeing lots of bugs this last week.. We have rats in the house and one ran under our fridge.. I don't have rat poison so I thought maybe raid would kill it.. I sprayed a bunch of raid into the back part of our fridge and when we got back from visiting we found like 60 dead cockroaches all over the house. In the Kitchen, bathroom, study room, bedroom.. everywhere.. it was gross! I STRONGLY DISLIKE COCKROACHES! (hate is a strong word my little friends).
 well I can't think of much more to write.. I got accepted to BYU-Idaho! So I'm pretty stoked bout that.. I printed out my acceptance letter just so I can read it to my district.. jk I'm not going to do that. Spring/Fall! it's going to be a Blast!!!! (of studying and being responsible that is).

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