Monday, February 23, 2015

23/02/2015 - He's one terrific, radiant, humble, thing-a-ma-jig-a-ma-pig!

 Well.. Update from last week we ended up only doing one service project.. But that was still super fun so I'm okay with that. People here aren't super willing to let the missionaries serve them.. Either they don't have anything for us to do.. Or maybe they feel bad making us work but either way we're not getting anymore pickups. Maybe I need to put in practice the whole "don't wait to be asked" method.
 I'm pretty excited for next week! A 16yr old named Edwin has been preparing to be baptized and next Monday, March 2nd, is the date! He's excited and we already have the agenda made with the speakers, hymns and everything. I'll call this a three day late birthday gift for Logan!
 I did divisions this week and while I was gone my companion learned a ton about our area and even found more less actives and a recent convert that we had no idea where she lived. I think he's going to do just amazing after I'm gone. He's really quite pilas at this whole missionary thing! I'm definitely going to recommend to president that he train.
 I got sick yesterday.. I'm not fond of it. I got my usual Migrain with an added bonus of a cold, sore throat and completely clogged nose (and head it feels like). I couldn't sleep all night and used almost half a roll of toilet paper to blow my nose all night.
 I'm feeling completely exhausted lately.. I feel like I'm being beat over the head with 2 years of sleep deprivation.. Feels kinda like a 2x4. It's never been so hard to wake up on time! (You can do it clark! Just 3 1/2 more weeks! You don't need sleep! You've lived two years without it!) Sometimes I wonder if the whole sleep thing is another bodily weakness that we need to overcome.. Like eating.. Maybe every month we should do a sleep fast to learn to dominate our bodies? I hope not. I keep hoping that after this life we'll finally be able to rest but we've just gotta keep working for now. Now that I think about it.. Is that what Sundays are for? Maybe not.. Cause technically we should be out serving and teaching and helping in the Lord's work on Sundays..  Yesterday in church a sister gave a talk about how studying the scriptures is more important to God than sleeping, school, work, etc. I guess sleep isn't all that important then. So when can we actually rest? Or DO we ever actually rest? Who can answer me that question?
 Well.. I'm starting to feel stressed. I have mixed feelings.. I don't want to finish the mission so soon.. but at the same time (especially when I'm so tired) I just wish it was all over. I hate that ending the mission is so much harder than starting it. I'd start a mission 6 times before choosing to leave one once. I just wish I could skip this part.. no final goodbyes, no thinking "it's almost all over", no elders reminding you every two seconds how little time you have like it's funny. Do they really think it makes people feel happier when they tell them they're ending the mission?
 Well.. I'm pooped so I think I'll end this letter.. I feel like it started good but ended bad. Well I'll try my hardest to make next week's email pure happiness and sunshiney delight!
Love you all!
- Elder Hyrum Clark

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