Tuesday, March 17, 2015

17/03/2015 - P.S. Xik Xik We

 Well Just writing you all this last day of my mission. I'm actually in the office right now just waiting to have my last interview with Pres. Curtiss. It's pretty boring cause there are NO missionaries here.. I was hoping I'd be seeing a bunch of old friends today but they all went to Semuc Shampey and well.. I guess I don't blame them. 
 This Friday the El Estor branch threw us a going away party.. It was a suprise party and I honestly was suprised.. not so much by the party but that so many people actually came! almost all the active members made it there! I have never seen or even heard of such a great loving act of kindness shown by so many people for two measly little elders who were finishing their missions. I was overcome with tears as I saw almost 100 people sitting in the gym waiting for us to arrive and suprise us with such a huge meeting full of balloons, photos of us, and a poster made for each of us with pictures and notes for us to take home. I've never felt so loved before!
 It's weird I'm leaving.. I want to go run by and visit a few families before I leave but I feel like I'll have no time! Time has passed by so fast since I woke up this morning at 2am and I'm sure it's going to fly by even faster in these next two days. 
 I heard today that Diana from La Colonia (the young girl I worked really hard with and who was just waiting for her dad to give permission) got baptized on Saturday! I am so happy to hear that and I can't believe she finally made it!!! I hope I'll be able to visit her sometime befre I leave tomorrow.. but I don't think I'll have enough time before the breakfast with President Curtiss.
 Tomorrow is my last meal with President Curtiss and his wife.. I'm scared that things will finally hit me.. I mean I still feel suprisingly tranquilo, like nothing different. 

Well I had the interview with president now.. it went great! He basically just talked about my future (temporal) goals.. about college, My future career and then of course he mentioned a future wife.. but suprisingly he didn't stress too much on that.. not that I think he had too much of a concern of me getting married when I get home. I think EVERYONE knows I love kids and they're in my future. He helped me feel a lot more set on my future.
 Well I got to go now.. the AP's are taking us to dinner! Love you all and I'll see you in less than 48hrs!

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