Monday, November 24, 2014

24/11/2014 - Week 5: The Return of the Dragon - "Waldo" Pt. 2

  This last week I got sick again.. but this time it was from eating
in a restaurant.. I'm honestly considering street food to be my safest
bet of surviving in Guatemala.. but here in rabinal I don't think I
could trust even that! I honestly have not gotten sick this many times
in all of my mission until Rabinal! Sick at least once a week! "Waldo"
that double headed dragon came back for round two.. that sneaky little
goat stuck up on me at 3am!! Luckily I had my shield near by and was
able to defend myself with relative ease.. I will have to say these
2-4 day battles are really wearing me down! Luckily I am able to keep
up the will power to keep pushing forward! I haven't lost a single day
to sickness and that dragon will NEVER keep me from working! (Maybe
because I never tell the mission nurse.. She's a friend of mine.. but
if I tell her, she tells Pres and his wife.. and then everyone starts
to call me about how I feel and if I'm doing okay.. and honestly being
sick for a few days, even a fever of 102°F doesn't keep me from
going.. My amazing parents have taught me how to take care of myself,
and cure my own sicknesses just by being smart! (I don't know if
working with a fever is really smart.. but just go with me).
  This week our branch went to the temple! I am so excited for them!!
ALSO a young man brought us back Taco BELL!!!!!! WOHOO!!! Tanto tiempo
sin comer estas casacas!!! but he only brought me back "Hot" sauce
instead of "Fire" :(
  I'm learning so much from this calling as missionary in Rabinal and
also as 2nd Counselor in the branch presidency.. I'm learning how to
extend callings, interview for temple recommends (for the youth) and
just how to be patient.. This next week I'm going to learn a lot about
how to reprove with love because that's the next step here in Rabinal.
this branch hasn't grown in 40 years so we have to whip them into
shape! No more going to church in Jeans, No more using catholic and
Evangelist terms! We don't "Pray for people" we give Priesthood
Blessings! if we're different then the rest we need to know WHY and be
PROUD of the truth we have! if not.. then we're just one more church
in the world.
  I love you all and love all the email's I've received!
Take care! ¡Que se Cuidan!

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