Monday, December 1, 2014

01//12/2014 - Tnksgivn! TrkyDay! NoMshdTatrs?!

  Well I'm super thankful this last week cause last minute we got
invited by members to have a thanksgiving dinner!!! There was a
Turkey, and rolls, and sweet potatoes.. BUT THERE WERE NO MASHED
POTATOES!!!!!!!!!! I was super sad! I'd rather have potatoes than rolls
or turkey! but then they brought out pumpkin pie and here in Guatemala
that's a rare commodity (never before seen).. so I was pretty
  We also celebrated the birthday of an hna in my district.. She's I
think 20 now? I actually never heard.. Just counted candles.
  I'm so very grateful to hear from all of my family members that
wrote me! Tia Donna, Mom, Melissa, Cassidy, Logan, Spring, Sarah y
Granny Lou. I've never had so many family members write me before!
Usually it's just like 2-3.
  I can't think of any more cool stories.. but here are some
picktures.. New Pajamas, us waiting for a bus at 4am, and thanksgiving
  Lez kiero mucho!
      ¡Xik xik we!

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