Monday, December 8, 2014

08/12/2014 - I got changed?!... Wha-?..

  I'm really quite confused right now.. I was just informed last night
that I have a change.. and I'm going to a place called El Estor in
Izabal.. I'm going to be in the Polochic zone?! I'm so confused
though.. I mean I always wanted to go to polochic before.. but I gave
up on that dream and decided i no longer wanted to go.. I mean I don't
really have time to learn the language! so about three months ago I
decided that last place I'd want to go now is to the Polochic.. and
now.. After crumpling up my dream, throwing it off a cliff and
watching it tumble for miles till it lands in a ferocious river full
of rapids and alligators.. after giving up on what I wanted most and
deciding it is now what I would never want.. NOW is when they finally
send me there!
  I actually don't want to go.. I know I'll get over it.. I ALWAYS
learn to love my areas.. and I'm hoping after being there for a little
bit my dream will somehow make it out of the river alive and I'll find
it floating on the beautiful lake Izabal.
  I'm still going to be District Leader.. but now instead of having a
district of 8 Sister missionaries.. I'll be in a district with just 2
Elders.. that's right.. in my district there are a total of 4
Elderes.. well 5 because the other area is in a trio (if my office
informants are up to date). I honestly have NO idea how to work with
Elders.. I'm completely terrified!
  The Christmas devotional last night was amazing! I especially loved
Elder Cristofferson's talk (me and my comp are going to celebrate
Christmas tonight because I won't be here to celebrate it.. It's going
to be great!). As you can see in the photo only 7 people came to watch
it.. but it was still a great devotional!

Other Photos:
- Me and Elder Vera on top of a 6 story building.
- We bought Hno. Nicco an ice cream bar because saturday was his
"66th" birthday.
- I had a cocoon above my desk in my house.. and thursday in personal
study it opened up.. I was surprised because when it opened it spilled
butterfly blood all over my stuff! And I guess butterfly blood burns
paper?! I'm suddenly even more scared of butterflies!

Hope all is going amazing with you!! Love y'all!

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