Monday, December 22, 2014

22/12/2014 -Maybe Christmas doesn't come from a store. Maybe Christmas perhaps, means a little bit more..

 Well this is a new week.. That's for sure. New weeks mean new
beginnings, new options and new experiences.. I love new things like
 This last week we helped our branch president build his house..
reminded me of the good old times when we were building Amy's house in
Escolon. I thought it was funny when everyone looked at me weird as I
was running around the framework.. the two hired helpers looked at me
like I was a professional! (I kinda am.. I got a Disneyland trip from
helping build Amy's house.. that's kinds like professional right?)
brought back a lot of great memories.. mainly playing tag with my
brothers and sisters running along the 2x4s or hanging upside down
from the ceiling.
 I see a lot of old wrecked cars out here.. every once in a while I
build up the courage to ask if I can take pictures.. they make for
nice gifts ;) I think I miss cars a lot though.
 It's been kinda a quiet Christmas.. I honestly don't feel like its
Christmas at all. I don't know anyone here, even though I'm the leader
I feel like I'm the one being led and I really haven't heard much from
anyone.. no letters.. in months. I hope maybe there are a few
Christmas cards maybe. maybe they just got held back in the mailing
system. I'll be so excited when I get them! It'll be be just great!
 President hasn't told me about my extension yet.. but if I don't get
it I'll have to start working like Lightning on my college
application. that or maybe I'll find a good job for the summer.
 I can't think of anything more to write.. So I think I'll just end my
letter now.
 I miss you all.

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