Monday, October 27, 2014

27/10/2014 - Calling and election made sure

Well.. I got a change! i'm pretty stoked about it! I'm going to a little place in Baja Verapaz called Rabinal.. it's a REALLY small branch and my companion is actually the Branch President! His name is Elder Gustavo Vera, He's from Ecuador.. don't remember where exactly. He's been a ZL for a long time and he's a really good friend of mine here in the mission so I'm super excited to be compas with him!
  I'm still going to be District leader.. which I'm super excited about!! but President decided to give me a break and I have a smaller district.. still half Hermanas. I was scared they were going to make me a Zone Leader this change but I lucked out! And if everything goes normal I'll probably stay here in Rabinal until I "Die".. who know's.. I might even be the next Branch President?
  I hear as companion to the branch president I'll also receive callings in the branch (Because there are like 30 active members) and so I'll most likely be 2nd counselor in the branch presidency and also Primery president.. watch out ladies back home.. I might give you a run for your money! I'll be the freaking BEST male primary president you've EVER seen! (I just LOVE working with kids! Thank you Bishop Dunford for making me a Primary teacher before I left.. I bet you never thought It'd come to this! :P ).
  I'm going to miss the Colony and a TON of really good investigators but I have faith that I'll see them again someday.. maybe in this life.. maybe in the next! but I have faith that they'll be my brothers and sisters in the Lord and they'll be just amazing!
  As you might be able to tell I'm REALLY stoked about my new change.. I'll be getting to know a completely different part of the mission, having completely new experiences and I'm totally filled with completely new excitement!!! The only thing is that I'm super sad to be leaving a lot of the sisters here! they're so awesome and such hard workers! It's been a complete honor to work with these amazing women! (does that sound too weird coming from an elder? Just being their leader makes me so proud of them!)
  I'm also going to miss Elder Kumpf who is ending his mission this week.. He's been an amazing leader and a great friend! still a little sad we never got to be companions.. but we had two pretty great divisions and some dope times in the office of the mission Guatemala Cobán.. Shout out to him and his parents! You should be proud of your amazing son!)
  my Companion Elder Lopez is going to be the next District leader here.. He's going to be awesome! I think this is JUST what he needed! He's going to be a district leader AND he's going to train! One of my other old companions Elder Calona is also a District leader and is training.. I've had some AMAZING hondurenio compas! Viva Honduras! (and amazing companions for other places too!)
  We had stake conference yesterday.. my first stake (or district) conference in the whole mission that I can remember.. it seems they always change me right before they have it or i get to a place that JUST had their conference the week before. This time Elder Laboriel (a Seventy from Honduras) came to visit us and I learned a ton from him! He talks so animated and says things in such great ways.. I fell like he got right down into the people and talked to them as if he were one of them.. my favorite lines from him is: "Sus hijos, en su casa, NO TIENEN libre de albedrío! Cuando salgan en la calle o para el colegio, allí sí tienen libre de albedrío pero cuando están viviendo en su casa no lo tienen!" (Or "Your children, in your house, do not have freedom of choice! When they go out in the streets or to school, out there they have freedom of choice but when they're living under your roof they don't!") he continued talking about how parents can't just go to wake up their children and say "it's time to go to church", "awe but I don't want to!", "oh.. okay.. you have your freedom of choice! Keep sleeping." as parents we shouldn't even offer them the choice.. they'll have the chance to decide for themselves later on in life but if we don't guide them while they're young the'll be even worse off later on in life.
  Well I love you all and that's probably the longest letter I've written in a LONG time but I hope you all enjoy it! 

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