Monday, August 12, 2013

8/12 Writing What I Can!

  So I do realize I left you all hanging but things have been crazy these past weeks.. well mainly the internet has been bad. but we've found a place that is better and I hope we continue to use it!
   So I had changes and I'm still here in Sayaxche but I'm glad cause I have things to do, people to help, ramas (wards) to build.. well.. fortify.
   I have a few investigators that I'm hoping to get fetchas (baptismal dates) with.. I was really excited about them last week but this week they BOTH dropped the ball and apparently they don't really have that testimony I thought. This week I hope to build their testimony but like everyone in Sayaxche they don't really want to progress.
   Progression.. that's my struggle here. The Rama, the investigators, Liders (leaders), everyone here.. they just have no desire to progress. they're comfortable living in their small houses and they really truly have no desire to progress.. to leave the city.. to get a good job. Any tips or pointers on this would be helpful!
   My new comp is elder Camacho who is ALSO from Mexico and so far everything has been great with him. (Attached picture) So my Dad was Mexican and so is my mom.. everyone says I'm from little Mexico (California) and I love spicy.. I think I'm officially "Mexican" as far as the members and other missionaries are concerned. 
   So dreams.. I have been hearing a TON of people here talking about dreams. Two of my investigators have had dreams this past month that the church is true and a member had a dream that an old lady asked her to help her son receive the gospel, who lives here in Sayaxche, and so she's going to take us to meet him sometime this next week. and a bunch of other recent converts have had dreams about the church and things like that. it's really interesting and I'm thinking it might have something to do with their lineage from Joseph "King of Dreams"... Thinking about it makes sense.. they're all descendants of him and why couldn't they receive dreams like him. anyways just wanted to know if any of you have had investigators who have revelations through dreams. Any thoughts/ comments about the subject would be fun to talk about!

Other than that I'm doing great and managing my money like a
stingy stinker so as to not end up in a hard spot again

Yours fortunately,
          ---Elder Hyrum Clark

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