Monday, January 5, 2015

05/01/2015 - New week, New year.

 I'm feeling that cool new years spirit.. I never really felt a difference in tany of the new years before.. just a new day like any other.. the biggest change for me was always remembering to sign the date with the right year :P but this year I feel that cool inviggorating feeling that comes from new determination and a new chance to go at it again!
 I feel like maybe a big part of my excitement has to do with the fact that I've been able to see and feel a little of the fruits of my work. I mean it's not a numerical dat that will get seen by president and make me look good but its a group of living souls that are, in their own way, growing closer to God. The explination? This week we were able to find, visit, teach and commit two less active families to come back to church. in all we had over 12 less active members attend church yesterday and as a nice side note and blessing we also got 4 investigators (2 of which are new references!) THe investigators are really nice but to be honest I enjoyed more seeing the happiness of the less actives who were able to come back after such a long time and feel the spirit once more while partaking of the sacrament and renewing those covenants they made with our Eternal Father.
 Our branch here in El Estor is suffereing from a huge lack of priesthood holders.. so we (as a companionship) have started to focus more entirely on finding and helping those less active members who are ready to get their act together and shake the dust from off their scriptures.. THEY will be many of the future leaders here if they will just see their potention and stay true to the covenants they've made!
 I'm excited about all the stuff I still ahve the chance to do before I leave.. but I realize there are a lot of things I won't be able to do in the time I have left.. I'm thinking about writing a letter to president of ways to help better the mission y the leadership from a district leader's point of view.. not in a presumptuous sort of way but just a sort of "Hey this is what I've seen and this is what I think." if he want's to he can take the advice or if not he at least knows I'm willing to help.. Right? or is that a bad idea? I just want to help out a little before I leave!
 Well I hope your new years is as energetic as mine! make sure you're excited and ready for anything.. 2015 come 'n get me!

 A picture of a "Polochik" tie.. it must be fat and it must be stiff.. the stiffer the better. (Look Dad, I have a normal face in this one!!!)
 We have scorpions here.. it reminds me a lot of Sayaxché.. we killed scorpions almost every night!

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