Monday, January 26, 2015

26/01/2015 - Duh-duh-duh-HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (Oatmeal!)

 This week was a fairly normal week.. sorry I didn't really take any pictures.. just on of the GIANT mosquito bites here.. they really kill! I got a pretty good foto of two on my arm.. they grow to the size of a quarter!
 I got some great birthday pictures to send you guys.. Now that I'm old and wrinkly at the age of 21.. The pictures are curtacy of Melissa Nichols (My wonderful sister) and I'm sure her crazy little kids who love to fotoshop my face. They're pretty good pictures even if I am getting wrinkly.
 We didn't end up doing anything today. We were supposed to have interviews today.. but they changed plans last minute and so here I am.. doing nothing. I did make myself a delicious Birthday ice Cream Cake.. well I assume it's delicious but I haven't eatten it yet.. or taken a picture of it. I made it on saturday and left it at the other Elder's house cause we don't have a freezer big enough to keep it alive. We're going to head over there to eat it later.. I'll take pictures so you can see my amazing creation next week! (I went a little all out for my last birthday.. I figured I'm old now.. my birthdays aren't going to be important anymore.)
 Next week is changes.. My last change. I'm pretty sure I'll stay here.. I'm just not sure if my companion is staying or if I'm going to train like everyone thinks.. I don't think I'll train but we'll see what the Lord has in mind for me this last (and most fun) part of my mission.
 I love you all and will try to write more interesting stuff next week!

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