Monday, January 19, 2015

19/01/2015 - Storming the castle!

 Well this week I got back my old pep and took my district to a cool place like I used to in Peten.. This week's adventure.. Castillo de San Felipe!
 The Castle was AWESOME! I mean it's kinda small but for being so small they fit a TON of stuff in it! There were secret passageways, tunnels, the four turrets, and like 50 cannons! it even has a drawbridge! (we tried to raise it but then we got in trouble.. I guess it's too old to be raised.. but they should honestly put up a sign or something! :P )
 This week was quite a good one.. combined with a bunch of stuff I never had a chance to write about last week.. make for a pretty (I hope) interesting letter!
 We went to Cobán last week for a medical examine.. my companion had his appendix removed about 4 months back when he was in Petén (actually quite common in this mission.. not sure why) and so we went to do a quick examine to make sure he's not going to die any day.. but it looks like the mission nurse never got the results.. I hope we don't have to go back cause I'm broke!
 I had another rock thrown at me this week! that makes twice that I've almost died from drunk people throwing rocks.. only this time it was a lot smaller and due to the darkness of the night I was saved. Our door was not so lucky. I found a dent and the rock the next morning.
 We've been finding lot's of success this last week working with less active families.. I was telling Logan that we've been focusing a lot more in them and we've been seeing a bunch of fruits.. some of these fruits being 3 non member wives who are now listening to us.. and 2 of which have fechas for baptism! just saying.. less actives have a lot more potential than missionaries sometimes give them credit for!
 I'm really excited for all the craziness I'm getting to in this last two changes.. I'm excited for these families that are coming back and for their wives that are getting to know the gospel! I'm catching fire these last few weeks.. I think I might just burn El Estor to the ground! (but then I'll put it out with water from the baptismal font).
 Well.. anyways.. it was actually kinda a short letter.. but I'll throw in lot's of pictures to make up for it.. Next week is my birthday.. and interviews.. and the week after that is changes.. so I won't have any exciting P-day adventures to write about for a few weeks but believe me.. If I stay in El Estor I'm not going to let a single P-day go to waste before I'm gone!
 Forgot to mention one last thing.. last week when I went to Cobán, after taking the test's we went to the office.. when I got there I said hello to my Good friend and Old companion Elder Gomez (From Argentina) who Like me went back to the office.. when I walked into the room Elder Willits (The other pouch elder in training) said "Hey!! Just the guy I was looking for!" and immediately asked me for my passport number... and then to which airport I would like to fly home to.. long story short I ended up asking for my own ticket home.. which should be arriving within two weeks.. I'n not Baggy (trunky) but that was definitely a unique expirence!

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