Sunday, July 28, 2013

7/28 "No time (hurry, hurry, hurry, rush about)"

So I don't have time to say much right now.. Let me explain..

  I'm in Santa Elena right now.. kinda been stranded here for 2 days now. I'm trying to head to the capital to sign my visa papers because technically I'm mojado (wetback in Guate) for 5 days now.. but my comp has been out of money for 3 weeks now and I've been paying for the both of us. it costs about 300Q for the both of us to travel ONE way to the cap.. and I have (Well had) 200Q. 
  We got here in Santa Elena and the ZL's in the other zone said they'd help pay for us to get to the Cap but we'd have to talk to someone else when we got there to help us get back cause they have no money either to pay all 600Q.. that is fine cause we know the church isn't going to leave us 10hrs from our mission. 
  we finally had the money and we head to the bus stop at about 8 at night.. well.. the two buses that were supposed to be running.. weren't. so here we are.. in the middle of a different zone in the night with no idea what to do. we walk to an elder's house in the other zone and crash at his place and call the pouch elders (the ones in charge of our travel arrangements). They say there's nothing to do and just to sleep there for the night.
  the next day is.. well it's today and it's P-day.. but neither of us have p-day clothes, or food.. and hardly any money. (right now we have 45Q to head back to Sayaxche miercoles (Wednesday)  and 10Q for the both of us to use 30 mins of internet.. oh and I have 50 centavos  about 7Cents to buy.. well nothing can be bought with that.)
  anyways.. I have no Idea how much time I have now.. but I just wanted to say.. I've never felt so lost in my life (me and my comp wandered around the island of Flores for 3 hrs looking for another pair of elders) but at the same time I've never been this.. I don't know how to say it.. "Fine with that"?
   We've got a bus for the cap tonight at 9pm and I don't know what we'll do for food but I know we'll be fine. I know that the Lord got us in his hands.. and I don't know.. it was kinda fun to say I've been stranded with no money in a different zone for two days.. and over 2 hrs away from my casa.
  What adventures right?!

Yours fortunately,
          ---Elder Hyrum Clark

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