Wednesday, October 16, 2013

10/14/2013 Tired.. Just tired.

Well I am extremely tired.. working a full office day and then a full missionary day on top of it is impossible.. if you cut out the EXTREMELY helpful study time you can just BARELY fit it all in. Sadly without the studying it's not as easy and not as fun. How bad is it that I as a missionary have missed days reading scriptures personally? I'm going to try and work on that.
   Today was funner than others.. still played futból 2hrs but we woke up at 5:30 and helped our Menos activo build a place to sleep behind his sisters house.. it took us about 2 hrs and he's ready now! guate houses are so easy to build ;)
 So this menos activo is super pilas and has changed so much! these past two weeks he's gone from the drunk guy without shoes sleeping on the sidewalk that the YM would use as a fun fact for the new missionaries ("Hey see that drunk passed out there curled up in a ball?.. yeah he's a member") to a dapper looking guy who has earned a little money so he doesn't have to go to church in rags. He's cut his hair and shaved and this last week let me just say I felt proud standing next to him.. He really did look dapper and I hope next week to get a picture with him all fancied up!
 Changing lives changes your life! I can't tell you the joy you feel when you see people's lives changing.. you can see the happiness entering their lives and the brightness enter their eyes and just seeing that makes your eyes a little brighter and your smile a little bigger too!
   I'm dead beat but I want you all to know I think I've already gained back the pounds I've lost.. I looked at myself and I look healthy.. now I need to watch what I'm eating so I don't swing all the way over to the fat office guy. not that they exist in guate.. fat tienda guy.. THOSE exist and they're pretty funny too.
I haven't taken any new pictures so sorry.. my comp has a picture of the "house" we built so I'll see if I can get that by next week! 
 BTW Happy Birthday to the Amazing Taylor! Hope it's a great one for you and that you haven't forgotten me yet! Keep being awesome!
 Love you all!
Yours with Sueño,
 ---Elder Hyrum Clark

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