Wednesday, October 23, 2013

10-21 Super UNbaggie!

Okay I'm going to apologize  and say I'm not focused much on writing home right now.. I JUST ran into Aaron Howard who I worked pest control with and literally left him 5 minutes ago.
Me and Aaron Howard

So Aaron served here in Guatemala about two years ago and spent the majority of his two years in the polochic.. the area I hope to go to and die in (die in missionary terms that is). hearing his stories and seeing the pictures of polochicmade me baggie (trunky).. but not baggie for home.. baggie to get out of the office and into the chic as soon as possible! I cannot wait to get out there and learn q'eqchi! luckily I'm in he office and can print out q'eqchi learning materials like.. tomorrow.. so I already know what I'll be doing mañana!
   I'm still in coban 2A working in the office. I love every minute of it and the work is still great outside of the office! Lot's of people say it must stink to be in the office and those in the office are so excited to leave but honestly I LOVE it! I work with the most amazing people and just this last week the Senior Companionship (Los Kirks) went to the capital and bought me jolly ranchers and peanut butter!


I love them and because of them I'm POSITIVE I want to come back and serve a senior mission.. So I'm going to have to search for a future wife that wants the same!
   My companion Elder Zavala continues to be completely Pilas (Awesome) and our time here is chilero (cool). He's got English down pact and Just so you all know this Honduraño from san pedro sula spent two semesters studying at BYU-Hawaii IN ENGLISH! wow.. I love Spanish but to take college in only Spanish I imagine would be hard. I'd learn a ton of new vocabulary though!
   I'm learning tons in the office and this next Tuesday me and my companion will be training two new office elders after only one change of learning in the office. Sounds crazy but I believe we can do it! maybe.. :P we're still not sure if we're going to split up and have them as companions or stay together and they'll be companions but we'll find out this Saturday when we get the change call! (Yeah like 3 days in advance!)
   Saturday was a great day as well.. me and my companion went and helped do service with a investigator.. we built a road! yup! Thank you Bro. Bice for your teaching me how to do cement work! these people thought I was a cement wizard! the city is going to engrave our names (which they still think are "Elder Clark") in the road and it will be there for years so when I return in 50 years with my grandchildren I can show them that spot and say "I built this road with my bear hands... alone.. in 5 hours.. 3 miles of it!" and I'll only be mostly lying to my grandchildren! I have photos but they're from my comps camera and his photos are big so I'm going to send them separate!

Amaya Family
   We're teaching this awesome family that lives next door.. well they're our Landlords.. los dueños de la casa.. and they're awesome! The husband and children are ready and so is the wife but she's scared about accepting a fetcha.. her family is catholic and they kinda persecuted her sister when she joined so she's scared it'll happen to her.. but they're already basically members.. we just need to help her overcome her fears and see that she always will have this WARD family to help her through anything and also help her see that her sister is a great example and to see the BLESSINGS she's received in her life from her decision. Here's the Family Amaya:
I love you all and I keep you in my prayers!
Yours Unbaggily,
          ---Elder Hyrum Clark

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