Saturday, October 5, 2013

9/30 Crazy loco weeks!

  I'm in the office and I LOVE it! first day we got to eat with the leaving elders and we had a 3 course meal on china where the forks and knives were properly placed! you know it was way fancy too cause the salad was wired.. the weirder the salad the fancier the food! but seriously though the salad was cherry tomatoes, watermelon, two small lettuce leaves and vinegar. mainly just the watermelon and vinegar got me.

Me and My Comp Zavala from Honduras San Pedro Sula
   I haven't learned the half.. or the quarter of the things I need to do but I also only have 3 hrs a day in the office and am only there 3 days a week. basically that's nothing in terms of office time.. but I do have a cell phone and computer so that's sweet! as pouch elders we do a lot! Arrange transportation, plan the changes, take care of all the phones, input all the data into the system along with the baptism registries and then IF we have time we do mail runs. I've never done a mail run.
   My are is Pilas! the members are awesome and helpful and our ward mission leader is with us almost everyday! basically it's the opposite of Sayaxché but I love them both a ton! our Dueños are investigating now and he's come every week so far (all two of them!) the family is pilas and they wife and daughters were going to come but they didn't cause they didn't have skirts and thought it'd be inappropriate to go in pants. we told the husband next time they can come in pants.. the lord loves them pants or skirts the important thing is that they're in church. I think they're going to buy skirts this week :P I love them! 

Our trainers in the office and us
   Our bishop reminds me of bishop Dunford but like from Dominican republic. He look the same just really dark skinned. he's got the same warm deep loving voice that makes you feel like you mean the world and he's got the same amazing humor as well.. I miss you Bishop Dunford! <3
   So there are a few cool things I want to mention. 1) Tuctucs. these things are crazy. imagine a taxi/motorcycle.. then mix that with ghetto Latin American mechanics and boom it's a tuctuc. I have had a lot of fun random experiences in these things and I'm still surprised they haven't fallen apart with me in them!
2) Lichas. Imagine one of those spiky circle things that come off trees back home.. yeah the ones you throw at each other.. make them soft and red and break it open and there's a giant peeled grape inside..that's a licha. I love them!
My district (Yes my district here is as big as my zone was in Peten)
3) Trompos. These things are a mix between a yo-yo and a top. imagine wrapping a string around a big top and throwing it at the ground to get it spinning. next you use the rope to pick up the spinning top, toss it in the air, put it spinning in your hand, get it to cross the rope like a bridge or get it to spin upside down underneath the rope. don't ask me how but these trompos are magical things. me and my comp are going to buy ones and practice so that when I return maybe I'll be able to show you a trick or two.

  Well I hope you enjoyed my email this week! I hope pictures work this time!

 Me and my comp with our ward mission leader who just opened a mission call to San Pedro Sula Oeste and a young man in the ward called Gerber who is pilas and goes out with us almost every day as well!
Yours fortunately,
          ---Elder Hyrum Clark


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