Monday, October 7, 2013

10/7 Mission times are fun times.

Welcome dear readers,
   Wow I am loving the mission! The Lord blesses and then just because he's cool and he's God He'll bless us again! Literally there is no end to his blessings and the more blessings we are entitled to the more extra blessings he'll throw in just for fun because he loves us! I have a great comp and though sometimes my pride hides that fact from me it will always be true. (Yeah I'm still working on pride and patience.. are these qualities we can cut out of our lives or are they those kind that I'll always be fighting for eternity?). My area is AMAZING! Investigators that are super pilas, my landlord has already assisted the 3 needed times to be baptized and we're only waiting cause we know his pilas wife and daughters will be ready in a short time. The members are also pilas and help us all the time! yeah so maybe not all the members are willing but the few that are willing are the hugest help and it's por medio de ellos that opening this area only took a week and no longer! We've been set up with great investigators and know the area ALMOST as well as I knew Sayaxché in the 3 y 1/2 months I was there! Also the office.. SO GREAT! I love the other elders in the office and the senior elders and President and just everyone! I love serving the elders as pouch elder and just seeing the happiness when I let them know they have a letter coming to them shortly makes any hard times seem nonexistent! I hope to gain the 20lbs I lost shortly but seeing all the other skinny elders in the office I fear I'll return home very skinny and that I need to look for a new, smaller belt.
   No cool mission stories just wanna say that General Conference as a missionary is like 60X more intense and sadly also passes about 60X faster as well. remember those countless hours conference was as a child and teenager? I mean I loved conference before but it still felt long! This conference was so short feeling! What?! only 10 hours?! I'm a missionary I can take more cincho than that! no I'm kidding but really it went by SUPER fast.. it's hard to think it's already over and yes I'll be downloading my favorite talks to hear again.
   So honestly I only have one thing about the mission that continues to bug me.. P-Days. P-days are never satisfying and I have more fun teaching and working in the office than I do on P-days. I asked my mission Pres if I could come in the first half of p-day and work in the office and then just eat lunch and write my family in the evening and he just laughed like I was joking or something. Do my other mission friends experience this as well or do my dl's just plan boring p-days? how were all your p-days when you were in the mission?
   Anyways that's enough complaining.. I love you all and if you're a young man reading this P-day's are AWESOME!.. if you love playing soccer for 3 hrs.

Take care everyone and remember there's an Elder somewhere out there that loves you and is sending pictures right now.. well maybe it's just me but that counts right?
Yours over-excitedly,
          ---Elder Hyrum Clark

   p.s. The Corn really can get as high as an elephants eye! I always thought that was an exaggeration!


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