Tuesday, September 23, 2014

2014-7-7 Changes!

Well.. Being DL means sacrifices.. I can't write you this week because I'm helping get everybody moved around here in Petèn.. but I Just wanted to let you know my change.
 I'm going back to the office as a pouch Elder!!!!!!
Yeah it sounds so strange and I've NEVER heard of someone getting called as pouch Elder twice.. But I'm going back.. And Cleaning my old area.. and training two NEW pouch elders (Trio!!).. and I'll continue being DL.. While finishing the training of one of my companions!!

Well that's all the time I have! 
Love you lots!

1) The Almost Trio
2) Elder Ashcroft on his last day in the mission! I'll miss him! Most pilas Finance Elder in the world!
3) My Almost companion (Elder Marchado)
4) The Office.. My companion is the one in leprechaun socks. (Elder Connolly)

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