Tuesday, September 23, 2014

2014-9-8 Spicy Meatballs!

Well.. To be honest it wasn't meatballs but it was VERY spicy!
 So We have a SUPER pilas couple that are really close to accepting a fecha.. they're scared to accept one.. and I don't know why cause they already tell people they're Mormon and they've been talking about how that want to build an extra apartment on the side of their house where the missionaries can stay for free. We're really hoping we can get them to accept a date and literally ask them every appointment.
  They LOVE to make us food! Almost every week since I've been here they've invited us over to eat lunch or dinner.. and for someone who supposedly is learning how to cook.. she is a BOSS at it! She made us some REALLY good meat yesterday.. it's like stew meat.. marinated in chili peppers.. than cooked in a chili sauce.. and served with chili on top.. it's the most spicy, delicious meat I've EVER eaten and don't worry mom I already asked for the recipe.. maybe you can make a small batch of it for when I get home and anyone else who's brave can try it with me! (Honestly haven't eaten anything better!.. up there with french fries and brownies and ice cream!).
  This week has been hard.. I mean as far as the dats show it was great.. but I feel like I didn't do so well.. It's so hard cause when you have low dats you feel bad because.. well because you have low dats.. but when you have high dats you feel like it's just a bunch of numbers and you don't know if it really made an impact or if you were just focused on the numbers.. I definitely need to find myself a good happy medium.. I'm driving myself crazy cause I just can't find my happy place!
 I didn't really get too do much photo taking this week.. I'll see if I can cook up a good one to send but if not I'll just leave y'all with a nice Adieu and write y'all next week!

1) a street in Cobán that looks like it's meant to be in London.
2) me and the pouch elders trying to make the worlds ugliest faces.. Steven and Isaiah both beat me I think.. I tried really hard.

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