Tuesday, September 23, 2014

2014/7/12 Fort Night Fridays!!!​!

Well.. Friday nights in the office are the nights that we have to "wind down" and prepare for our P-Day.. it's actually a night that I spend almost all of talking to the 10 other missionaries in my district and then calling the Zone Leaders and THEN winding down.. and building a fort.
  It wasn't always that way.. Friday nights used to be filled with tom fullery and deep conversations.. sometimes even mouse hunts.. but we've now evolved to the more gentlemanly way of relaxation and recreation.. which we ALL know to be fort building.
  Fort building is an art.. it requires a top notch mind, tip of the toes thinking, advanced imagination and superior sense of fun and good time havingness. Oftentimes you can only work with what you've got.. sometimes you have more than you can work with.. but in the end the important part is that you enjoyed your brotherly bonding and have a somewhat sturdy covering above your head. 
  Yesterday I was talking to Elder Fuller (one of the finance elders) and he mentioned that some Jews and Evangelists are working together to try to breed an all red cow with no white hairs.. supposedly when this cow is born the messiah of the Jews will come.. according to the Evangelists when the red cow is born the messiah of the Jews will come.. but that it will actually be the anti-Christ.. and THEN their messiah will come and destroy the messiah of the Jews..  either way they both want it to happen so their working together to breed the all red cow with no white hairs.
  That same day we met a red cow.. but not all red. It was pretty interested in us and came over to take photos.. One of the photos is my companion kissing the cow and the other is the cow rubbing it's head on my leg.. my face is a face of horror. 

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