Monday, November 18, 2013

10/26 Ooops, mas!

I had to write more cause President walked in and told me to darles Saludes! (he says Hi!)
also I need to add a few more pictures and stories I forgot!
  Bus rides are crazy! I'm sure all you who have lived in central america know.. but riding on the bus is always an adventure! Anything from blasting 80's music to being awkwardly close to females or having someones bum IN your face.. Sometimes the adventure is bad and sometimes its a blast!
Also the plaza (Mall) here was CRAZY today! there was a halloween dance and fashion show with costume contest in the supermarket where the speakers were so big and loud that they almost blew my clothes off! Made shopping fun though with all the workers and people dressed up in costumes. also at McDonalds I found out that Ronald is actually Guatemalan and loves to sing kareoke.. no he was not dressed up for halloween this is the actual ronald McDonald that has his own McDonald van! This is him singing about paper airplanes in spanish.. His van was tight!
 I think that's all the fun stuff I got for today.. I'll miss you all till next saturday!
Yours on a bus,
Elder Clark

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