Sunday, November 24, 2013

11-23 New Start...

Good Morning Starshines!
    Elder Clark says "Hello!". Just wanted to mention a few cool things that passed this week. I'll start with the office (like always..).
   In the office we changed things up.. I have my own personal cell phone as well as my companion and am now called "Secretary of the Mission" which is pretty cool with me.. I heard the Title "Secretary" is making a comeback! Yup.. With a title like this it's DEFENITLEY going on my job resume. I'm now not in charge of mail or baptism registries or the simple easy things.. Now I'm just in charge of the HUGE FREAKING CINCHO (belt) RECIEVING JOBS! (trust me you don't want to get the belt..). so yeah that story I told you about two weeks ago? I'm in charge of those situations. Travel, Telephone problems, IT Technology problem solving, new elders, Returning missionaries, passport problems, ordering all church materials and absolutely ANYTHING president.. or just about any missionary needs that isn't specifically included in the other elders job description.. I'm the "I don't know.. let me pass you to.." guy.
   In the area we've been having more success. With the office changes I got a 3pm rule set in place so 3:05pmHna. Kirk comes in and gives cincho to anyone that's still working and not heading out the door. It's a little frustrating for me cause I'm really the only one who is still hectically working at this time but I'm thankful cause we have been blessed just like she promised us!
   We have a baptism fecha for the 21 of diceimbre the same day that my delicious friend Elder Cole (Steeve pooh!) has a fecha for.. I look forward to having a baptism the same day as him! Our Baptism se llama Helmut.. Dr. Helmut Schmelding! No actually its Helmut Bol but it ALWAYS makes me think of Get Smart.
   We also recieved another investigator that I predict will be baptized shortly after Helmut. We were casually chilling at a tienda eating our tortrix and using our sly SIMI techniques on the tienda man when from out of the tall grass in Vermilion City sprang a menos activo and her non member husband.. no one knew they even existed till they pulled up to the tienda and begged us to give their baby son a blessing. We had a great lesson afterwards and talked about the power of the priesthood. The husband told us he would like to have that blessing for his family and that if he knew the church was true he'd be baptized.. basically he knows everything just wants to know why his baptism in another church isn't valid.. Well who can guess what our next lesson will be about?! ;)
   Another really interesting thing this week. The next day another member asked us to come and give her daughters blessings of comfort. one of her young daughters has been seeing a black bridge sometimes and the last time she started to freak out. her older sister was with her and couldn't see a black bridge but seeing her younger sister so scared at nothing scared her as well.. I gave a wonderful blessing to the younger sister and something that used to make me super nervous to do just rolled off the tongue so sweetly and I can honestly say I had no idea what I was going to say till I said it.. the blessing was probably the most sweetest thing I've ever heard and I could honestly feel the love our Father has for her!
   I feel the Savior's love for me and can recognize his blessings so immensely now! I know he loves us and that through him (and ADD just a LIIIITTLE bit of faith) we can do casacas GRANDES!!! 
   Remember me always in your prayers and know you're in mine!
Yours anew,
Elder Hyrum Clark
 P.S. I'm a peacock! (for Heather Loader!)

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