Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013-11-30 Great Scotts!!!

My dearest family and friends,
   It's been a wee bit nippy these past few day and I've bought myself a dapper jacket! it's grey but I feel it works well with my black and dash of white look. I'm slowly transforming myself back to the 50's every now and again to make thinks a bit more classy around here.
   I've been keeping a close watch on a fine young gentleman here who has accepted a date for baptism and things have been progressing from there on. He's asked us to view a baptism with him and of course we will be accompanying him this evening. I do rather hope this is a grand enthusiasm boost and that he'll be more ready than ever this 21st of December to accompany us to his own, dapper, Baptism.  
   We've made some big progression this week passada! Meeting lot's of new faces and such things. I've had some darn good experiences with some tipsy gentlemen who could quite easily be considered drunken scalawags! My poor companion.. I've many a time paused my walking to watch as he walks side by side with a talkative drunken Bolo.. Almost got a hug once. sadly hes learned my secret and now we just avoid the drunks cause he doesn't think it's funny anymore.. but I, my dear friends, still do! (Don't worry I never put him in dangerous situations.. just odd ones :P )
   This week we had the pleasure of hearing from a gentleman quite honorable I'd say, His name is Elder Carlos H. Amado.. Area president. He, my dear friends, is quite the funny fellow! He sat by me while eating lunch but spoke about 5 words to me.. I'm super special! ;) 
   Well Just a few notes.. ROMMEL!!! WHERE do you think you're going! Manteca stake is the best! Send me a letter you chambone! 
   To all the YSA THANK YOU ALL!!! I heard about how you all danced to "Want U Back" in honor of me and I was very touched! I love you all! 
   BRADEN!!! CONTACT ME! I didn't even know you were home!
   Rachel Cole.. Your drawings are amazing!

Anyways.. I have a bunch of Pictures so Enjoy!!!
1) My Companion and I with the Guatemala Flag

2) La Distrita - Hna. Muños, De Leon, Schneider y Ball and then me and my companion.

3) Me in a Taxi cab.. I heard a lady laugh really loudly as we drove past

4) A small Pie for thanks giving.. we got the left over bucket of Ice Cream.. I'm going to eat it when    I get home!
5) My Companion and I in Full Polochic Gear.. Freezing outside but you just can't wear jackets in    the chic so we decided we'd be men like them! 
Polochic Uniform: big mud boots with the pants tucked in, Ugly, Fat Tie that's too short, Backpack, and if you're really fancy.. makeshift umbrella from a giant leaf. I'll send you a real chic foto when I get out there in 3 months!

Yours fortunately,

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