Saturday, January 11, 2014

2014-1-4 Sick Day

   Well the cats out of the bag... I kinda put it the first thing I said but I've been sick this last week. Now let's not get over excited and start throwing poodles out of windows, it's nothing really major. I've had gripe, tos con dolor de garganta, un migrania y fiebre for 4 days.. but in those 4 days I've only lost 1 as a sick day! the rest I just worked sick.
   We've run into some humbling people.. A family that just left their father who started drinking again.. the wife is also expecting a baby the end of this month and has no parents or family to help and after leaving her husband is completely alone.. with 4 kids.. one on the way.. and broke as a snow globe falling from the empire state building. we're going to talk to the relief society tomorrow to let them know what's going on. well.. I think she is.. She's coming to church with her kids!
   Another family we ran into is a really young couple.. well not super young but I think pretty recently newlyweds.. they just lost their first child.. still unborn.. and it has really taken it's emotional toll on her.. we have a appointment scheduled with them and plan to talk about the plan God has for their child.
   Helmut Bol has been asking lot's of questions and wants to learn.. he's been studying the bible looking for his answers! We helped explain why it is that we now celebrate the Sabbath on Sunday when it was Saturday throughout (Almost) the entire bible. in the end we emphasized the importance of using the Book of Mormon to help clear up some of the confusion that others make of the bible.. I really hope he'll understand it's importance and that we can get him to read the Book of Mormon more! and come to chuurch!!! chambone.

   I celebrated New Years with sparkling cider we found in a tienda.. it specifically says "Sin alcohol" so I'm 70% sure we're safe! :P jk it's a good tienda I trust it. but it was really cool cause it was a cork bottle and when it exploded I screamed like a little girl! 
   We also sent off a good friend of mine.. he's already home now and served an amazing mission! I learned a lot from this man! He was the world's greatest missionary least one of them!

 Me and Elder Zavala still get along but the rumor is that next change he goes.. that makes me very sad.. and also scares me for two things.. 1) who's my new companion y 2) if he goes.. and my area is the only one with elders in the district.. and they're only bringing in elders with less than 8 months.. Who's going to be the new District Leader?!

 I leave you with that thought.
Yours with a migrane,

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