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2013-12-14 ♪♪ I can´t believe it's Christmas, I think I'm finally getting something ♫

♫ I can't believe it's Christmas, my favorite time of year! ♪♪

   Well it's ALMOST Christmas.. I've been having good and bad experiences ALL WEEK! it's AWESOME! Let me explain a few..
   Thursday we had our Christmas Zone Conference where we watched Monsters University (which was a REALLY good movie.. at least it seemed super funny after 8 months of "The Restoration") and one of the highlights of the day was that I was in charge of making the whole thing work.. they gave me a TV, Projector, 3 sets of small speakers, 2 DVDs, 2 laptops a few extension cords and told me to make it work and if I needed more supplies.. "Here's Q100!" Sweet! So after a shopping spree (Well I just bought 2 cords) and a lot of ghetto wiring we had a projector playing and a TV hooked up to the same with mini speakers playing at past their capacity to make sure that the 70 Elders and Hermanas could hear good. It ended up great and of course I've seen the movie so it all worked almost according to plan.
   In the conference I helped pass out gifts the some of the Latinos who didn't receive packages from their families and then passed out cookies and stockings... only problem is that I was STILL under the impression that the cookies and stalking was only for the Latinos who didn't receive packages.. so I was the only one that never got one. I think I might get one next week if they don't run out in the other Zone Conferences in the mission.
   Another Thank You to Ken Bice who's teachings are proving to help all the way in Guatemala! I spent my P-Day today putting in a cement floor for a kitchen we're building for a family here! Funny how something I learned just a short time before the mission has proved to be such a big help ON my mission! Everyone here think's I'm a cement Professional! (Well technically I did get paid for doing it so I guess that's pro right?) 
   After putting in the floor somehow (don't look at me like that!) a mud fight got started and we all hiked about 20 mins covered in mud to get on a bus that probably wasn't the happiest to have us as costumers that day. 
   I received a video from Santa.. I laughed a LOT! (for those of you who remember the letters from Santa videos that we sent around last year it was a lot like those) I'm glad Santa thought I was being adorable to my brother and my babysitter! I'm just waiting for my cleaning lady now :P
   I'll be sending mom a email about finding a good time to call on Christmas and since I have my own phone it shouldn't be a big problem to get a hold of me.
   I also am looking forward to giving you all my Christmas photo next week! I might take more and just have a Christmas Letter full of Christmas photos and fun times and commentaries from my companion (Have I mentioned he speaks English?.. ) and any other crazy nonsense I can throw in there.
   Well.. I'm sure I could find more stuff to talk about.. Like Crazy Changes, Staying in the office late, ward karaoke, My companions camera getting stolen or any number of crazy things that happened this week but I'm sure you're all tired of hearing from me.. so I'll just leave you with PHOTOS!!!

1) Christmas Photo for the Zone! (I stole someones stocking for the photo! :P )
2) First Day working on the Kitchen.. Boy Band Style!

3) Say Hello to my little friend!

4) The Crew (Second day)

5) Project Placas 2 

Yours at the end of a crazy week,

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