Thursday, January 23, 2014

2014-1-18 Happy Birthday!.​. Almost.

Buenas Noticias! It's almost my birthday!
   I really don't expect much here for a birthday but I know it'll be great anyway.. I mean I'm spending my birthday in GUATEMALA! (How many of you guys are going to Guatemala for your birthdays? Nope.. I win!) Today my companion and the other office Elders surprised me with a cake.. It actually was a surprise because my birthday isn't till next Sunday and I hadn't heard ANYONE talk about it. as tradition in Guatemala (and often done in the states) they smashed my face in the cake. (Video in other email!) and it hurt.. Three strong healthy (well two of them had boo but.. that's not important) Elders got over excited and all smashed my face in the cake/table at the same time.

  Last week the Hnas. in the ward had a baptism of three.. my companion baptized them all and it was a great service.. The two daughters already have such strong testimonies and I think the Hnas. in the ward MIGHT be more pilas than us! but it's still undecided.. cause me and Elder Zavala are pretty dang pilas!

   This next week we have Changes.. so as usual we had to take a photo with la distrita and so I'll put it below. Elder Mendoza (our ZL) is also going home this change. He extended his mission and even now still just does NOT want to go home. I feel for him because I also have no desire to return home anytime soon. I look up to him and hope I can be as good of a leader and as dedicated to the work as he is. We'll all miss him when he goes home this next Thursday.

 So I know I've mentioned a few times that maybe things haven't been the hottest for me and although it's been 5°C outside this week I'm not talking about the weather. Elder Zavala and I have been working hard these last three changes to get a baptism. We never baptized our own convert but the Lord loved us and gave us the opportunity to baptize the converts of the Hnas. in the ward.. Great experience but not the same as having your own convert baptized.
   Last Sunday the super pilas Hnas. gave us a reference that we visited. She turned out to be a member of the church since she was 9 but after joining with her catholic "husband" went in active and hasn't been to church in 12 years. When we arrived she was very receptive and within the first 10 mins she asked us "What are the steps for getting baptized?" "How long is the process?" and then she told us she wants her two oldest kids to be baptized. With out much hesitation (Only a little from shock) we talked with her kids who also said they'd like to be baptized. They both have a fecha for the 15th of Feb. Sadly Zavala wont be here for the baptism but we still feel like we really have FINALLY accomplished our goal together.. IF I stay pilas and they actually hit the water.
   Changes are tomorrow night! I knew what some of them were.. but now president and the AP's came back today and decided they needed to make some more changes. Elder Bashaw said he heard my name mentioned a few times (His office is wall to wall with the presidents and he can hear some words if they say them a little loudly) but he couldn't hear what they were saying.. cause he doesn't try and listen.
   Over all though we are 99% sure Elder Zavala and Elder Fitzgerald are going this change and me and Bashaw are training new office elders to take our place so we can leave next change. I still hope to go to Polochic but every day my hope dies a little.. Elder Kirk the Senior Missionary in the office told me that it's very unlikely I'll go cause I'll almost have a year in the mission when I leave the office. Drats. all I can do is pray!

   Well that's all for this week.. I'll keep you updated on the pregnant lady and our NEW FECHAS! I'm really happy with our work lately.. we're raising the dats in the whole mission! Guatemala Cobán mission For The Win!!!

--Elder Brother, Steven and Logan's younger

P.S. Next Sunday's my birthday! Write me! It'll be my birfday present!

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