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2013-12-7 ANOTHER CHANGE!?!

Well.. actually nothings changing.. we find out tonight changes but I already know the only change in the office is going to be a new AP from the Polochic! He's awesome and I'll have to keep you posted how he is to be around EVERY DAY.
   We're doing great here in the office.. me and Elder Zavala work our fingers off till 3pm and then get out there and push our hardest to get the Lord's work done as well.. I can proudly say that we have the highest dats in our district and though we're still waiting on a baptism we're making real progress! Office Elders CAN be good teaching Elders too! no complaining that we're in the office and don't have to do the real missionary work.. We do BOTH! that means twice as much as normal missionaries! 
   We're working our hardest with Helmut right now and are getting him to activities at church but he's struggling to get to church.. and by struggling I mean he's never been... yeah I know.. that mean's our fecha (baptism date) fell through but we're going to get him to church and get him a new one!
   The Hernandez Lial family are also making progress.. yeah it's slow but you gotta look for the small and simple things to keep your spirits high in the tougher times of the mission! he said he'd get baptized if he got an answer.. we're just trying to get him his answer now :P
   We have a new family, the Cu Xoy family.. they're really great too! their problem is that the mother of Hno. Cu is evangelico and does not in the least bit like that they're listening.. we still come when she's out shopping but even though they're their own family and live in a separate house they still have a fear to stop assisting her church to come to ours. Good thing is that they came to a ward activity based on the Family and Hna. Curtiss (President Curtiss' wife) talked about The Family a Proclamation for the world.. BOTH of them feel they should get married to be a good example for their 13 yr old daughter and their two young kids as well.. the only problem is the husband.. even though he told us that he feels he needs to get married is scared to take the step now.. we shared our testimonies and with him and his daughter also shared her desire for them to be married and she I think was a big help in that! They're going to let us know in the next lesson if they have a specific date so we can help them get the documents and everything ready to get married! My second wedding! I hope they pick a date fast cause if they get married that's a huge step to baptism!
   We have another progressing investigator that is loving everything.. but his wife is totally against the church as well.. he keeps mentioning that salvation is individual and I think he's hinting that he doesn't think his wife is going to change. It's pretty bad though.. She didn't even talk to us when we asked her name.. after an awkward pause her husband answered for her.. and the same passed every time we asked her questions.. awkward long pause and her husband answers. He keeps telling us "If there's ever an activity for just men let me know I'll be there in a jiffy!" Poor guy.. we have the work luck with the wives around here.. and it's strange cause EVERYONE I've ever talked to is always like "Wow.. that's weird.. it's ALWAYS the husbands that dont want anything!".
   Cool guy we met the other day! He's like 82yrs old, from Belgium and speaks Scots, Spanish, French, English, German and Dutch. Also a cool side point he has a 4yr old daughter.. This guys close to Abraham status with the kid making skills! he gives every man a hope for the future! anyways he's catholic but knows a TON about all the different religions, philosophies and theory's of the world.. We asked him who God was to him and he just took off from there! I don't know if I've ever heard so much intelligence come from one mouth in my life! I learned about who God is for the Buddhists, Darwinist, Christians and naturalists and how they're all basically one god just that people only worship part of his glory when really God's Glory is EVERYTHING and so we should never stop worshiping him because his glory is continually expanding! wow.. mind blowing thought. Only problem is I'm scared his intelligence will keep him from ever truly converting.
   Well sorry I didn't write much.. let me attach a photo to make up for it!

Elder Zavala, Elder Bashaw and I

Yours fortunately,

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